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BBC纪录片:新启蒙运动(The New Enlightenment) 第19期

并且推动经济 supporting the economy. 每个月的月圆那天 他们相约在密德兰 They met together in the Midlands once a month under the full moon, 密德兰:伯明翰地名 在饭后回家的路上探讨科学 to illuminate them during their ride home after dinner. 也可能喝点小酒 And perhaps after some wine too! 很难想象经济要是没有这些学科会怎样 Where would our economy be without 电和电磁学 electricity and electromagnetism, 电子学 合成化学 electronics, synthetic chemistry, 原子物理学 生物化学 分子生物学 atomic physics, biochemistry and molecular biology. 有人说过迈克尔·法拉第的一则趣事 Some say Michael Faraday answered 迈克尔·法拉第:物理学家 电磁感应学说建立者 当时的首相 the Prime Minister of his day 问他发明的变压器 when asked what good his inventions of the electric transformer, 发电机和马达有什么作用 他回答 generator and motor might be by saying, 首相大人 以后 您可以对这个征税呀 "Why Prime Minister, someday, you can tax it." 尽管法拉第根本不可能说出这样的话 Although almost certainly never said by Faraday, 但这则趣闻却反映出有些政治家 this anecdote captures the view of some politicians 和商业领导者没有意识到 and business leaders who failed to grasp 科学能提高工业生产能力 how science can enhance industrial capabilities 并且积累财富 and create wealth. 然而 法拉第最终还是出现在了 However,Faraday did eventually end up 20英镑纸钞的背面 on the back of the 20-pound note 说起这事 企业家布劳格和科学家瓦特 and for that matter, entrepreneur Borlaug and scientist Watt, 也就是蒸汽机的发明者 architects of the steam engine 于去年出现在了50英镑钞票的背面 appeared last year on the 50-pound note. 看起来科学的价值是在逐渐提升呀 So science seems be going up in value. 我们怎么确保科学在英国得到繁荣 So,how can we make sure that science thrives in the UK 并且一直造福于我们的经济呢 and continues to bring benefits to our economy? 我强烈认为首要条件 I strongly argue that the first requirement is to 就是建立一个尖端的科研基地 have a high quality science base.来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20170123/The-New-Enlightenment-19.html