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BBC纪录片:新启蒙运动(The New Enlightenment) 第17期

应将既得利益放在一边 putting vested interests aside 只求更加行之有效的环保措施 to determine what is effective. 对核能的开发亦是如此 The same applies to nuclear power. 对风险与收益的评估离不开科学 Science is needed to properly assess the risks and benefits. 只看到环境破坏与健康威胁的表象 It is not sensible to respond in a need-jerk way 而非对其真正意义上的 without evaluation of data 观测数据加以分析与判断 concerning real environmental damage and health risks, 便匆忙作出回应 是不理智的 as against perceived damage and risks. 不断发展中的科学知识 Improved scientific knowledge 也大大地延长了人类的预期寿命 has brought remarkable improvements also in life expectancy. 100年前 英国人的平均寿命 100 years ago, average life expectancy in the UK 只有大约50岁 was about 50 years. 而今 平均寿命已达80岁上下 And now it is around 80 years. 今后人们依然需要科学 Science will continue to be needed 来帮助全人类变得愈发健康 to improve the world's health in the future. 人类基因工程将甄别出 Human genetics will identify genes 那些易导致人类罹患某种疾病的特定基因 which predispose us to different diseases, 这样我们便可了解基因与疾病的关系 allowing us to understand how genes influence disease 与生活习惯和饮食习惯的关系 and how they interact with lifestyle and diet, 从而发明出治疗与预防疾病的新方法 promoting new ways to treat and prevent illness. 人们对干细胞同样寄予厚望 There is great promise for stem cells, 因为干细胞能够再造身体组织 which can generate a range of tissues in the body, 有可能修复肌肉组织以及神经组织 potentially repairing muscle and nerve tissue, damage... 从而遏制变性疾病 减缓衰老过程 countering the effects of degenerative disease and of old age. 然而 其中亦有隐忧 But here too, there are threats. 我在美国从事研究工作时 When I worked in the United States, 隔三差五就能收到反对干细胞研究课题的人 I received regular hate mails from those 寄来的恐吓信 who objected to stem cell research 因为此项研究与他们的宗教信仰相悖 based on their religious beliefs.来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20170123/The-New-Enlightenment-17.html