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BBC纪录片:新启蒙运动(The New Enlightenment) 第16期

获取足够粮食的途径 that's could help their food security, 只因舆论或是流言的反对 if that denial is based on fashion and ill-informed opinion 而非其与科学相悖 rather than good science. 气候突变也是当今世界面临的一大挑战 Another great challenge for the world is climate change. 对于这一问题的讨论可能会与政治 Discussions in this area impinge on politics, 商业利益以及深入人心的"常识"相冲突 commercial interests and strongly-held opinions. 而科学讨论却受到 And these influences 这些影响的制约与曲解 have distorted the scientific debate. 解决全球变暖问题所需采取的措施 Solutions needed to counter global warming 需要全世界协同合作 are likely to require more concerted world action, 需要对每个个体 企业和国家的行为 regulating the activities of the individual, 进行规范与监督 of industry, and of the nation state, 而这种约束在心怀某种政治 and such restrictions are an a anathema 或经济理念的人看来 简直如眼中钉 to some with particular political and economic view points. 同理 理念恰恰相反的人们 Equally, those of an opposite viewpoint 则有可能会夸大全球变暖的态势 may exaggerate the extent of future global warming, 因为他们倾向于 because of their affinities towards 加强规范管理 建立世界政府 greater regulation and world government. 这便引得一些巧舌如簧的人在讨论中 This leads some polemicists to confuse the debate 将政治与科学掺杂起来以混淆视听 by mixing up the science with the politics. 而解决此问题的不二法门正是 The answer here is to focus 保证一切公开透明 保证科学客观公正 on transparency and good science. 人们不应抱着成见来参加讨论 There is no room for preconceived ideas. 因为科学是第一位的 政治次之 First we need the science, then the politics. 人们还需要科学 Science will be required to 帮助我们寻找到 develop new ways of producing energy 更加环保的燃料 that are environmentally less damaging, 我们应好好利用诸如风能 潮汐能 renewables like wind, wave, tidal 太阳能等可再生能源 and solar energy should be evaluated,来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20170123/The-New-Enlightenment-16.html