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BBC纪录片:新启蒙运动(The New Enlightenment) 第11期

17世纪的一位哲学家弗朗西斯·培根说 as the 17th century philosopher of science Francis Bacon said 如果一个人开始做事时肯定 "If a man will begin with certainties 它将以怀疑结束 he will end in doubt. 反之如果他开始时怀疑 If he will be content to begin with doubts, 结束时将是肯定的 he will end in certainties." 将这些素质全部综合起来后 Put all this together and you have a process 你将掌握发现自然世界真理的不二法门 which can offer extraordinary insights into the natural world. 不管它深奥还是古怪 These range from the profound to the quirky. 我很想用一个有趣的例子来说明 I really liked an amusing example which 它解构了生活在1.65亿年前的 reconstructed the song of a CRIcket 蟋蟀的叫声 that lived 165 million years ago. 但是科学工作者也要有勇气 But the work of science can also require courage, 因为接受不同意见并非易事 as it sometimes strikes at the heart of accepted thinking, 挑战既有理论也是科研的一部分 challenging established opinion is part of science 并且还能带来革命性的影响 and can bring about revolutionary changes, 这一点通常会让人很不安 which can be very unsettling. 先是敢于否认地球是宇宙的中心 Displacing the earth from the centre of the universe 再后来发现地球绕太阳运动 first to an orbit round the sun 然后又发现银河系 and then to the arm of a galaxy, 以及无限的星系 within an infittity of galaxies 这些发现都对人类产生了深远的影响 has had a profound effect on the position of human kind. 进化论对我们的冲击也很大 Evolution had the same dramatic impact, 让我们意识到人类并无特殊之处 moving us from being specially created 并未和其他生物分离 and separate from the rest of life 而是和在地球上的万物一样相互关联 to being related to every living organism on the planet. 查尔斯·达尔文在人类起源理论中意识到这点 Charles Darwin recognised this in his descent of man, 人类所有的品质 同情心 仁爱 man with all his qualities, with sympathy, with benevolence, 以及极高的智力 还有强大的能力 with his godlike intellect, with all these exalted powers,来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20170122/The-New-Enlightenment-11.html