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大学英语六级考试翻译真题及解析——度假 Part IV Translation (30minutes) Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to translate a passage from Chinese into English. You should write your answer on Answer Sheet 2. 随着生活水平的提高,度假在中国人生活中的作用越来越重要。过去,中国人的时间主要花在谋生上,很少有机会外出旅行。然而,近年来中国旅游业发展迅速。经济的繁荣和富裕中产阶级的出现,引发了一个前所未有的旅游热潮。中国人不仅在国内旅游,出国旅游业越来越普遍。2016年国庆节假日期间,旅游消费总计超过4000亿元。据世界贸易组织估计,2020年中国将成为世界上最大的旅游国,在未来几年里将成为出境旅游支出增长最快的国家。 参考译文: With the improvement of living standard, vacation is playing an increasing important role in Chinese people’s life. In the past, Chinese spent most of their time on making a living, having little time going out to travel. In recent years, however, tourism developed rapidly in China. The appearance of economic prosperity and the wealthy middle class has triggered an uNPRecedented tourism boom. Chinese people not only travel inland, they also travel abroad. And the latter is becoming increasingly common. During the National Holiday in 2016, the overall consumption of tourism industry is more than 400 billion. It’s estimated by the World Trade Organization that by 2020, China will become the largest tourist country, and it will become the fastest country whose tourist expenditure increases the fastest in the next years. 解析: 1. 注意用词多样化,相同意思的词采用不同的英文单词,避免重复,如:本题中“象征”就分别用了symbolize和signify两个词。 2. 注意句式多样化,多采用一些关联词,如:because of, at that time, however等词的使用,可以让译文更地道。 3. 意译与直译相结合,首先要保证译文忠于原文,不要一味追求辞藻华丽。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20170122/428440.html