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BBC纪录片:新启蒙运动(The New Enlightenment) 第09期

或者计时器故障导致 or a faulty clock, 所以爱因斯坦可以松口气了 so Einstein can probably relax, 至少现在可以 at least for the moment. 这个例子表明 科学知识是不断进化的 Implicit in this approach is that scientific knowledge evolves. 在早期的科研中 Early on in a scientific study, 很多理论站不住脚 knowledge is often tentative 只有当人们越来越确信这种理论正确后 and it is only after repeated testing that it becomes 才会用试验验证 increasingly secure. 这样才能让科学理论令人信服 It is this process that makes science reliable, 但这要花很长时间 but it takes time. 当一种理论还没有完善时 This can lead to problems 就要科学家就有关问题出谋划策 when scientists are called upon to give advice on issues 肯定会出纰漏 when the science is not yet complete. 这种事情在报纸上已经不胜枚举了 We see this every day In the Newspapers - 乳房填充物是否安全或某种食品安全与否 whether breast implants are safe or what foods are good or bad. 公众只想要简单明了的答案 The public want clear and simple answers 但有些时候是不可能的 but sometimes that is not possible. 人们需要了解这些 People need to understand this 这点我们要从学校教育抓起 and we should start in our schools. 科学教育是基于 Science is taught based on the great ideas 那些久经考验的重大科学理论 that have successfully undergone much testing, 例如牛顿 达尔文和爱因斯坦的理论 such as those of Newton, Darwin and Einstein, 所以我们就想当然地认为 and so we tend to think 科学都是板上定钉的事 肯定不会出差错 all science is equally secure, as if written in stone. 但是事实或许并非如此 But that may not be the case, 特别是对于一些仍处于早期研究的理论 particularly at an early stage in research 这些理论大多是假想的 when knowledge is more tentative. 这些关于科学的观点 This view of science should 应该在学校教育中重点强调 receive greater emphasis at school, 因为这样才能让公众更好地理解 because the public would be better able to appreciate 科学对于社会的影响 how science impact on society.来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20170121/The-New-Enlightenment-9.html