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BBC纪录片:新启蒙运动(The New Enlightenment) 第07期

很容易就能在显微镜中观察到 and can be spotted under the microscope. 为寻找这种大型细胞 我花了几个月时间 I have been searching for these large-sized cells for months 忽然我发现了一些不同寻常的东西 when I spotted something quite different, 一小簇细胞非但没有长大 a clump of cells doing the opposite, 反而分裂出了很小的细胞 dividing at a small size. 这种细胞并不在我的研究范围内 I was not looking for such cells, 只是这种特性引起了我的注意 it was just that nature presented them to me. 但当我发现它们后 But as soon as I saw them, 我就意识到这可能是重大发现 I realised they meant something important. 我把大家都叫到实验室来 I dragged everyone in the lab, 还把几个路过的人也叫来看看 and a few passers-by as well to take a look. 我当时非常兴奋 I was very excited 我也很肯定有些人认为我疯了 and I am sure some people thought I had gone a little mad. 这一小簇细胞变异出了一种基因 This clump of cells had a mutated gene which 这种基因能让细胞以超常的速度分裂 made the cells divide faster than normal, 所以它们才没有足够的时间来长大 so they did not have enough time to grow to their proper size. 发现这些小细胞的时候是在爱丁堡 Discovered these smalls in Edinburgh, 所以我把它们命名为"小小"基因 so I called the new gene the "Wee" Gene. 它就像是一辆汽车的油门踏板 It works like the accelerator in a car. 油门决定汽车开得多快 An accelerator determines how fast a car goes 而"小小"基因决定细胞分裂得多快 and a "Wee" Gene determine how fast a cell divides. 这个意外的简单发现 That accidental and simple observation 决定了我未来研究工作的方向 set direction for my future work. 最终 这项发现表明 Eventually, this led to the discovery "小小"基因也控制着人类的细胞分裂 that "Wee" Genes also control cell division in all of us, 同时还证明几乎所有生命体中 establishing that there is a universal mechanism 都存在一种细胞分裂控制的普遍机制 controlling cell division in nearly all life. 这一发现为我获得诺奖奠定基础 It formed the basis for my Nobel Prize来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20170121/The-New-Enlightenment-7.html