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BBC纪录片:新启蒙运动(The New Enlightenment) 第10期

很多复杂的科学问题 It's impossible to achieve complete certainty 不可能有完整确切的答案 on many complex scientific problems, 不过有些时候我们还是要采取行动 yet sometimes we still need to take action. 相对妥当的方法是向相关专家 The sensible course is to turn to the expert scientists 寻求意见 for their consensus view. 当医生发现我心脏动脉有梗塞时 When doctors found I had blockages in the arteries round my heart, 我得向医生寻求专业意见 I asked for their expert view as to what I should do. 他们建议我做搭桥手术 They recommended a bypass. 我采纳了他们的意见 所以活着站在这里 I took their consensus advice and here I am. 这才是科学的作用 That is how science works. 科学是为一种问题 It provides a strong corrective force 提供一种特别正确的解决方法 in the development of scientific knowledge. 看看关于气候变化的大讨论 Look at the debate about climate change. 大多数气象学家 The majority of expert climate scientists have reached 一致认为是人类活动导致全球变暖的 the consensus view that human activity has resulted in global warming. 尽管对于未来气温的增长幅度 Though there is debate about 如何还有很大争议 how much the temperature will rise in the future. 另一些争议则是根本没变暖这回事 Others argue that warming is not taking place at all 或者是会有很大的灾难性变温 or that it will happen in a catastrophic way. 但他们并没有推翻大部分气象专家的理论 But they have failed to persuade the majority of climate experts, 这些专家判定那些发表极端意见的学者 who have judged the scientific arguments made 所采用的科学论据 to support the more extreme views 经不起推敲 as being too weak to be convincing. 对于科研来说个人品行也是很重要的 There are personal qualities which are important for science, 包括是否有怀疑精神 including a sceptical attitude, 是否诚实和透明 honesty and transparency, 是否在科学分歧上可以礼貌争辩 courtesy in scientific dispute, 谦虚和自我怀疑也很重要 humility and self-doubt help as well,来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20170121/The-New-Enlightenment-10.html