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BBC纪录片:新启蒙运动(The New Enlightenment) 第05期

明晚早点出门 Go out early tomorrow evening 你就可以在西方星空看到金星和木星 and you will see Venus and Jupiter to the west, 在南方看到土星 and Saturn to the south. 可以的话 用望远镜观察更好 Use a telescope if you can. 亲自见证奇迹 Seeing such marvels for yourself 要比在电视节目上看 is much more immediate and personal 来得直观生动得多 than looking at images on the television. 自然世界非常迷人 The natural world is fascinating, 当你准备好观察 实验 and is even more so if you are prepared to observe, 思考 尝试和理解后 更是如此 to experiment,to think, and to try and understand. 这些就是科学家的工作 That is what scientists do, 我们每个人都有科学家的潜质 and there is a little bit of the scientist in all of us, 特别是在小时候 especially when we are children. 我对科学工作非常热衷 I am passionate about doing science 也完全赞同19世纪化学家和矿工灯发明人 and completely agree with Sir Humphry Davy, 汉弗瑞·代维爵士的观点 the 19th Century chemist and inventor of the miners' safety lamp 他说 when he said, 对我而言 没有什么荣誉 "To me, there has never been a higher source of honour or distinction 能比推动科学进展更令我感到荣耀 than that connected with the advances in science." 所以我依然在开办实验室 That is why I still run a lab 这工作也使我保持头脑清醒 - it's what keeps me sane. 不过我不确定我的实验室同事 I'm not sure my lab colleagues, 他们中的一些今天也在场 some of whom are here tonight, 会同意最后一点 would agree on the last point. 那么科学到底有什么独特之处 So what is special about science 让我们对它深信不疑 that means we should trust it? 是什么使得科学如此长于 What makes it so good at generating reliable knowledge 发现可信的自然知识呢 about the natural world? 科学家用许多并非科学界独有的方法进行工作 Scientists work in a variety of ways that are not unique to science. 例如 我们需要用史学家的视角观察细节 For example, they need a historian's eye for detail, 以数学家的感觉来判断逻辑 the mathematician's feel for logic,来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20170120/The-New-Enlightenment-5.html