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Vice-Finance Minister Shi Yaobin said that China will simplify value-added tax (VAT) rates in the future to ease company tax burdens. 财政部副部长史耀斌近日表示,未来我国将简化增值税税率,以减轻企业税负。 "The current VAT tax system has too many tiers and may confuse policy implementation and impede fair competition," Shi said during a news conference, promising to make tax rates easier to follow. 史耀斌在一场新闻发布会上表示:“现行增值税制度档次太多,可能使政策实施复杂化,有碍公平竞争。”他承诺将使增值税税率更便于执行。 VAT rates have four levels, ranging from 6% to 17%. Shi did not provide a timetable or other details of the changes. 增值税税率分为四档,从6%到17%不等。不过史耀斌并未给出时间表或其他细节的变化。 The VAT system was rolled out nationwide in May, in place of business tax. By the end of October, 96.5 billion yuan had been saved for businesses. 今年5月,营业税改征增值税在全国范围内推开。截至10月末,已为企业节省965亿元。 Taking into account other tax reductions, the government expects a total of more than 500 billion yuan be saved this year. 计入其他减税项目后,政府预计今年减税总规模将超过5000亿元。 China will continue to improve its VAT system by pushing forward the VAT legislation at a proper time, he said. 史耀斌称,我国将适时推进增值税立法,继续完善增值税制度。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20170105/423020.html