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报告显示 中国男女工资差距还在扩大

China's gender pay gap is widening, with no signs of pulling even, according to the Green Book of Population and Labor 2016, released by the Population and Labor Economics Institute of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences on Nov. 30. 中国社会科学院人口与劳动经济研究所于11月30日发布了《2016人口与劳动力绿皮书》,该绿皮书显示中国男女工资收入差距正在扩大。 In 1990, women made on average 77.5 percent of men's salaries, but the rate dropped to 65.8 percent in 2010, as shown by a national survey on the status of women. 1990年,中国女性平均工资约为男性平均工资水平的77.5%,但是据2010年针对中国女性地位的一次全国性调查发现,这一数字已经下降到了65.8%。 The tendency of women to marry men with equal or higher levels of education also persisted from 2000-2005, reflecting the fact that the more education women have, the later they marry. 从2000年到2005年,女性继续坚持嫁给跟她们有同等或者更高水平教育背景的男性,这反映了一个事实--女性受教育越多,就会越晚结婚。 According to the report, per capita disposable income in China increased by 7.4 percent in 2015, higher than increases in previous years. 据这份报告显示,2015年,中国人均可支配收入增长了7.4%,比往年的增长幅度都要高。 However, the income distribution system still faces challenges, as represented by the low proportion of residents' income to GDP, and of labor remuneration to primary distribution. 但是,中国的收入分配制度仍然面临挑战,例如居民收入占GDP份额较低、劳动报酬占初次分配的比例较低。 In addition, there are still large pay gaps between different industries. 此外,不同行业之间仍然存在较大的薪酬差距。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20170105/423019.html