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大学生四年养万余只昆虫 '虫痴'吸引千名粉丝

A university student from Wuhan, Hubei province, has maintained a collection of more than 10,000 insects in his dormitory during his four years of college, Chutian Metropolis Daily reported. 据《楚天都市报》报道,湖北省武汉市一名大学生在大学四年期间收集了10000多只昆虫。 The student, named Zhao Yuchen, now has nearly 1,000 followers on his social media accounts. 这位学生名叫赵宇晨,现在他的社交媒体账户上已经有近1000个粉丝了。 Zhao first became interested in insects as a child. He started keeping insects at home during middle school in order to observe their growth. 赵宇晨打小就对昆虫感兴趣。初中时,他便在家里“圈养”昆虫,以方便观察它们的生长过程。 It was his love for these creatures that made him choose biology as his major in college. 正是因为对昆虫的喜爱,他在大学期间选择了生物专业。 After entering university, Zhao spent a great deal of time looking for insects around the campus's hills, bushes and lakes. 上大学后,赵宇晨花了大量时间在学校山坡、树丛、湖畔周边寻找小虫子。 He even built special chambers for the insects in his dormitory to simulate various growing conditions. 为了模拟各种外界生长条件,他甚至还在寝室里给昆虫们建造特殊的生长室。 Zhao said he released most of the insects when they grew into adults, and those that died he made into specimens. 赵宇晨表示,待到它们长成成虫后,大多数昆虫都被放回了大自然,一些昆虫在饲养过程中意外死亡,他就将它们制作成了动物标本。 In order to keep a record of the insects, Zhao has written copious journal entries, which together form a 15-centimeter-thick journal. 为了记录昆虫,赵宇晨撰写了一本15cm厚的养殖笔记。 He has also posted nearly 10,000 photos on the Internet to share his experience with other insect lovers. 他还在网络上发布过近万张照片,与其他昆虫爱好者分享他的经验。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20170105/423018.html