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北京西站开通刷脸通道 可快速进站

Face recognition technology is being rolled out at Beijing West Railway Station, offering a quicker option for passengers to get their tickets checked. 近日,北京西站启用了人脸识别技术,为旅客验票提供了一种更为快捷的选择。 The move comes after the successful implementation of the technology at Beijing Railway Station. 这一举措是在北京站成功实施人脸识别技术后实行的。 To reach the train stations, passengers simply need to insert their ticket, along with a second-generation ID card into a checking machine, and face the camera for a few seconds. 旅客仅需将车票和二代身份证一起插入检票机并面向摄像头几秒钟,即可进入火车站。 As long as all the information matches, the gate will open, and passengers can then take their tickets and ID cards back. And away they go. 如果所有信息均相符,闸门就会开启,随后旅客即可取回车票和身份证离开。 However, some problems still remain. 不过目前尚存在一些问题。 The old, red tickets without a magnetic strip, along with tickets for students, the disabled, soldiers and children cannot be used in the self-service machine. 没有磁条的老式红色车票、学生票、残疾人票、军人票和儿童票均无法在这种自助机上使用。 Passengers who are shorter than 1.2 meters or taller than 1.9 meters are also unable to use the system at present. 目前,身高低于1.2米或超过1.9米的旅客也不能使用该系统。 In addition, passengers also have to take off their hats, glasses or anything else that obscures their features and might prevent the "scanning" their faces. 此外,旅客还须摘掉帽子、眼镜或其他任何可能遮挡其面部特征和妨碍"刷脸"的物件。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20170101/421700.html