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The Ministry of Finance on Tuesday issued preferential tax policies for companies engaged in debt-reducing corporate restructuring. 上周二,中国财政部针对进行减债重组的企业发布了税收优惠政策。 Preferential tax policies would be applied to multiple transaction activities while companies go through bankruptcy, mergers and acquisitions, and liquidation. 企业在实施破产、并购和清算等多项交易活动时均可享受税收优惠政策。 Such policies include deferred tax payments and tax payments in installments for non-monetary assets, according to a notice published on the ministry's website. 根据财政部网站发布的通知,这类政策包括递延纳税和非货币性资产可分期缴纳税款。 Value-added tax will not be imposed on transfers of fixed assets and land-use rights, according to the notice. 通知指出,国家不会对不动产和土地使用权转让行为征收增值税。 Local governments are required to strictly implement the tax policies, in order to lower the costs and create a favorable environment for corporate deleveraging, the notice said. 通知称,地方政府要认真落实好税收政策,降低企业成本,为企业降杠杆创造良好环境。 Zhang Lianqi, a financial expert, said the notice offers clarity on details like what transactions are eligible for preferential policies. 金融专家张连起表示,该通知提供了清晰的细节,比如到底哪些交易才有资格享受优惠政策。 Zhang expects the government will roll out more targeted policies for enterprises in certain sectors, and successful corporate restructuring cases will be studied in future. 张连起预计政府将对某些行业的企业推出更多有针对性的政策,而企业重组的成功案例则将会在未来进行研究。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20161231/421393.html