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大学生的心理健康 例文1 Nowadays, the social attention to college students’ mental health has reached to climax with growing suicides, homicides and other unusual serious incidents reported from time to time, which posed a threat to the society. Although college students are adults and they’re old enough to handle well with many problems, they are still not so mature when faced with psychological problems because they are in a perplexed and contradictory age. In addition, study challenges, employment pressures and life stresses could produce psychological problems. It’s high time to take some measures helping them get through this period smoothly. To solve this phenomenon, something effective can be done. Firstly, schools and families should try to create a harmonious environment such as hold colorful activities, provide nutrimeals and offer timely health when students get into trouble. On the other hand, students should pay attention to their own psychological problems, seek help in time, keep in good mood, be more social, and never do extreme way to cope with problems. 例文2 In recent years, the occurrence of many incidents caused by mental problem has put the student’s mental health to public concern. More and more people are care about our younger generations, and a heated discussion on how to take good care of student’s mental problems catch lots of attention. Some people suggest that school should set up a mental guide room made up of psychological teachers for all students to release their pressures, puzzles, frustrations and other emotions at ordinary times. Moreover, a group of psychological experts should be formed to make some quizzes on regular basis so that students suffering from mental disturbance would be noticed as soon as possible. Other people prefer to open psychological lesson to students, believing through the lessons students can learn about the reason why people suffer from mental problems and how to prevent and treat them. As far as I am concerned, both above are effective ways to solve the students mental problems. Whatever we do, protect those students with mental problems from public pressures and keep it secret.来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20161223/418431.html