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But then in the apartment across the hall 不过从这个牛棚穿过楼道的这个公寓 from this cow shed lives a newly married couple 住着一对新婚的夫妻 in what locals desCRIbe 这里被当地人形容为 as one of the nicest apartments in the area. 当地最好的一座公寓之一。 The attention to this detail astonished me, 公寓里对细节的注意使我震惊, and as the owner of the home so proudly 并且当公寓的主人很自豪地 led me around this apartment, 让我在这个公寓里随便走动时 from floor to ceiling, every part was decorated. 从地板到屋顶,这里的每处都经过装点。 But if it weren't for the strangely familiar 但假如不是那让人无法忍受的 stomach-churning odor that constantly 持续穿过公寓的 passes through the apartment, 让人恶心的气味, it would be easy to forget 你会非常容易忘记 that you are standing next to a cow shed 你正站在牛棚的隔壁 and on top of a landfill. 和垃圾清理厂的上方。 What moved me the most was that despite 让我感动的是除了 these seemingly inhospitable conditions, 那些看上去不宜居的条件, I was welcomed with open arms 我被非常热情地邀请 into a home that was made with love, care, 进入一个充满爱,关怀 and unreserved passion. 和没有保留热情的家。 Let's move across the map to China, 让我们跨越来到中国, to an area called Shanxi, Henan and Gansu. 来到一个叫陕西,河南和甘肃的区域。 In a region famous for the soft, porous Loess Plateau soil, 一个以柔软松散的黄土高原黄沙而闻名的地区, there lived until recently an estimated 最新估计那里 40 million people in these houses underground. 有四千万人住在地下的房屋里。 These dwellings are called the yaodongs. 这种住宅称为窑洞。 Through this architecture by subtraction, 通过这种往下建的建筑方式, these yaodongs are built literally inside of the soil. 这些窑洞真的是建在土地下面 In these villages, you see an entirely altered landscape, 在这些村子里,你可以看到完全改变了的地貌, and hidden behind these mounds of dirt 而在这些土丘背后 are these square, rectangular houses 藏着的是广场,长方形的房子 which sit seven meters below the ground. 坐落在地下7米的地方。 When I asked people why they were digging 当我问人们为什么要 their houses from the ground, 地上往下挖洞建房子时, they simply replied that they are poor wheat 他们只是很简单的告诉我, and apple farmers who didn't have the money 他们是种小麦和苹果的穷农民,没钱 to buy materials, and this digging out 买材料,而这种挖窑洞 was their most logical form of living. 是他们最符合逻辑的居住方式。 From Makoko to Zabbaleen, these communities 从马卡卡到扎巴林,这些社区 have approached the tasks of planning, 解决了规划, design and management of their communities 设计的任务,并总结了一套管理社区 and neighborhoods in ways that respond 和邻里的的方法,以一种特别针对 specifically to their environment and circumstances. 他们的环境和实际情况的方式。 Created by these very people who live, 由那些居住, work and play in these particular spaces, 工作,生活在这种特殊空间的人们创造而成, these neighborhoods are intuitively designed 这些社区是由人们本能地设计 to make the most of their circumstances. 来最大利用他们的生活环境。 In most of these places, the government 这些大多数地方,政府 is completely absent, leaving inhabitants 完全没有管理,因此让居民 with no choice but to reappropriate found materials, 没有选择只能重新利用现成的材料, and while these communities are highly disadvantaged, 虽然这些社区的环境十分恶劣, they do present examples 他们却真的显示出 of brilliant forms of ingenuity, 一种杰出的创造力, and prove that indeed we have the ability 证明我们确实有能力 to adapt to all manner of circumstances. 适应不同的生存环境。 What makes places like the Torre David 让像托雷大卫这样的地方 particularly remarkable 尤其突出的就是 is this sort of skeleton framework 这种框架建筑 where people can have a foundation 让人们可以有一个 where they can tap into. 能够进入改造的基础。 Now imagine what these already ingenious communities 设想这些已经很有创造力的社区 could create themselves, 可以创造出什么, and how highly particular their solutions would be, 而他们的解决方案将有多么特别, if they were given the basic infrastructures 假如他们拥有使他们可以进入的 that they could tap into. 基本的设施。 Today, you see these large residential development projects 今天,你看到这些大型的房屋住宅建设工程 which offer cookie-cutter housing solutions 给大量的人 to massive amounts of people. 提供千篇一律的住房解决方案。 From China to Brazil, these projects attempt 从中国到巴西,这些工程试图 to provide as many houses as possible, 提供给人们尽可能多的房子, but they're completely generic 但他们完全是大众化的, and simply do not work as an answer 并且简单来说不是一个 to the individual needs of the people. 针对人们个体需求的解决方法。 I would like to end with a quote 我想引用一句话来收尾 from a friend of mine and a source of inspiration, 它来自于我的一个朋友和一种期望, Zita Cobb, the founder of the wonderful 查塔·科巴 Shorefast Foundation, 出色的Shorefast基金会创始人, based out of Fogo Island, Newfoundland. 总部在纽芬兰的福戈岛。 She says that "there's this plague of sameness 她说:”这里有一种名为‘相同’的瘟疫 which is killing the human joy," 在杀死人类的快乐," and I couldn't agree with her more. 而我非常赞同这句话。 Thank you. 谢谢 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20161222/418225.html