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Is it a good choice to send children abroad for study at an early age? 幼年时期就送孩子出国学习是一个好的选择吗 1.很多父母希望尽可能早地送孩子出国学习 2.越早接受国外教育越好吗 3.我对此的看法 Thanks to the global economic, more and more Chinese parents are able to send their children abroad to receive education, and it is becoming a trend that many children are sent abroad at an even younger age by their pushy parents with the belief that the earlier they embrace the overseas education, the better. It is quite acceptable that many parents encouraged by the success stories of overseas study wish their children to be successful, and surely overseas study is a helpful way to get both advanced knowledge and necessary experiences. However, some kids may be too young to look after themselves, needless to say study abroad. What’s worse, without systematically learning at home, they might find it hard to catch up the way of foreign teaching. For these students, overseas study at an early age is neither necessary nor beneficial. As for me, I do think that overseas study can contribute a lot to one’s self-improvement, sometimes would be a kind of short cut in gaining a better future, but it is wise to analyze the real situation according to the children’s individual development.来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20161210/413868.html