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Views on College Students with Luxuries 对大学生拥有奢侈品的看法 1.大学生购买奢侈品的现象不再罕见 2.名牌热对大学生的影响 3.你如何看待大学生对奢侈品的消费行为 Nowadays, the phenomenon of college students purchasing luxuries is not uncommon, you’ll find luxuries easily as long as you walk on the campus: LV bags, Gucci shoes, CK clothes, etc. According to a survey, pursuing luxuries has becoming a fashion among youngsters. Since most of the students are not economically independent, chasing fashion should not be in their considerations. While for some students, luxuries seem to be a motivation to their hard-working, they do part-time jobs, work hard and save money in order to acquire a bottle of Dior perfume or things like that. It might lead to a misconception that only luxuries are fine and worth being pay for amount of money, what’s worse, students might develop a sense of luxury creed, failing to experience the truth of life and work. As far as I am concerned, luxuries are notable for their super prices, which target for people with decent income. Students should treat the luxuries seriously and pay more attention to their academic performance.来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20161209/413546.html