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美国学生历史 第04期:美国的西班牙和法国先驱(01)

Chapter 2 第2章 Spanish And French Pioneers In The United States 美国的西班牙和法国先驱 10. Stories of Golden Lands. 10.关于黄金地带的故事 Wherever the Spaniards went, the Indians always told them stories of golden lands somewhere else. The Bahama Indians, for instance, told their cruel Spanish masters of a wonderful land toward the north. Not only was there gold in that land; there was also a fountain whose waters restored youth and vigor to the drinker. Among the fierce Spanish soldiers was Ponce de Leon. He determined to see for himself if these stories were true. 无论西班牙人到了哪里,印第安人都向他们讲述遍地都是黄金的故事,例如,巴哈马群岛的印第安人向残暴的西班牙总督讲到北方一块神奇的陆地,那里不仅有黄金,还有一眼泉,泉水可以让人恢复青春,并让喝水的人强壮。这些残暴的西班牙士兵中就有庞塞·德·莱昂,他决定亲自去看看这些故事是否为真。 11. Discovery of Florida, 1513. 11.发现佛罗里达(1513年 In the same year that Balboa discovered the Pacific Ocean, Ponce de Leon sailed northward and westward from the Bahamas. On Easter Sunday, 1513, he anchored off the shores of a new land. The Spanish name for Easter was La Pascua de los Flores. So De Leon called the new land Florida. For the Spaniards were a very religious people and usually named their lands and settlements from saints or religious events. De Leon then sailed around the southern end of Florida and back to the West Indies. In 1521 he again visited Florida, was wounded by an Indian arrow, and returned home to die. 在巴波亚发现太平洋的同一年,庞塞·德·莱昂从巴哈马群岛向西北航行,在1513年复活节那一天,他在一个新陆地的海岸上抛锚,西班牙人把复活节叫做LaPascua de losFlores,因此,德·莱昂把新陆地叫做佛罗里达。西班牙人非常注重宗教信仰,并常常以先知和宗教事件来命名他们的陆地和殖民地。后来,德·利昂航行到佛罗里达南部附近海域,并回到西印度群岛。在1521年,德·莱昂再次到达佛罗里达,但是,他中了印第安人的箭,并在回家后死去。 12. Spanish Voyages and Conquests. 12.西班牙人的航海和征服 Spanish sailors and conquerors now appeared in quick succession on the northern and western shores of the Gulf of Mexico. One of them discovered the mouth of the Mississippi. Others of them stole Indians and carried them to the islands to work as slaves. The most famous of them all was Cortez. In 1519 he conquered Mexico after a thrilling campaign and found there great store of gold and silver. This discovery led to more expeditions and to the exploration of the southern half of the United States. 西班牙水手和征服者迅速行进到达墨西哥湾的西北部海域,其中一个人发现了通往密西西比河的出口。其他人则抢了一些印第安人,将他们带到岛屿上当奴隶使用。这些人中最著名的是科尔特兹。1519年,科尔特兹经过激战征服墨西哥,他发现墨西哥有大量的黄金和白银,这个发现吸引了更多探险者到来,并吸引他们去美国南半部探险。 13. Coronado in the Southwest, 1540-1542. 13.卡罗纳多在美国西南部(1540——1542年 In 1540 Coronado set out from the Spanish towns on the Gulf of California to seek for more gold and silver. For seventy-three days he journeyed northward until he came to the pueblos of the Southwest. These pueblos were huge buildings of stone and sun-dried clay. Some of them were large enough to shelter three hundred Indian families. Pueblos are still to be seen in Arizona and New Mexico, and the Indians living in them even to this day tell stories of Coronado's coming and of his cruelty. There was hardly any gold and silver in these "cities," so a great grief fell upon Coronado and his comrades. 1540年卡罗纳多离开西班牙去加利福尼亚湾寻找更多的黄金和白银,他向北走了73天到达美国西南部的普韦布洛村庄,这些普韦布洛村庄的人住在一些用石头建成的巨大建筑物中,这些石屋饱经日晒雨淋。其中一些石屋可以容纳三百户印第安人家庭居住。今天在亚利桑那州和新墨西哥州仍然可以看到这些普韦布洛村庄,住在那里的人仍然知道关于卡罗纳多的到来及其残暴统治的故事。这些“城市”中几乎没有什么黄金和白银,卡罗拉多和他的同行者感到十分悲伤。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20161126/408849.html