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亲历历史希拉里回忆录 第37期:史提夫的宽恕之歌

Campaigning in dozens of congressional races, my frenetic schedule kept me occupied all day. But the nights were difficult, especially after Chelsea returned to Stanford. Bill and I had only ourselves, and it was still awkward. I didn't avoid him as I had before, but there was still tension between us and not as many shared laughs as I was used to on a daily basis with my husband. 为了在十几次国会选举中赢得竞选,我几近疯狂的日程安排让我每天都忙得不可开交。但是,每到夜晚时间就很难熬,特别是切尔西回去斯坦福后,就只剩比尔和我,我们之间还是感觉很尴尬。我虽然不像以前那样避开他,但我们之间还是紧张的态势,我也不像以前那样和他诉说一些日常活动里的好笑的事情。 I spent a lot of time alone, praying and reading. It was a welcome distraction when my good friends Diane Blair and Betsy Ebeling came to stay with me for a few days in mid-September. 我大部分时间都独自处着,祈祷或者看书。九月中旬的时候,我的好朋友Diane Blair和Betsy Ebeling来陪我住了几天,这使我稍稍转移了下注意力。 On September 17, during Diane and Betsy's visit, Stevie Wonder called and asked if he could come over to see me at the White House. He had attended the state dinner for another of his fans, Czech President Vaclav Havel, and his new wife, Dagmar, the night before, and he wanted to return privately to play a song he had written for me. Capricia escorted Stevie, his assistant and one of his sons into the second-floor corridor of the residence, where a grand piano stood under a large painting by Willem de Kooning. Diane and Betsy sat on a settee, and I sat in a small chair near the piano as Stevie began to sing a haunting, lilting melody. He hadn't finished all the words, but the song was about the power of forgiveness, with the refrain, "You don't have to walk on water . . ." As he played, I kept moving my chair closer to the piano until I was sitting right next to him. When Stevie finished, tears filled my eyes and, when I looked around, tears were running down Betsy's face and Diane's. This was one of the kindest gestures anyone made during this incredibly difficult period. 9月17号,在Diane和Betsy到访期间,史提夫·汪达打电话过来说他想来白宫这边看我一趟,他前天晚上刚出席了他的另一个新粉丝捷克总统哈维尔和哈维尔的新妻,哈夫洛娃招待的国宴,他这次私下回来是想让我听一听他给我写的一首歌。Capricia,史提夫的助手,也是史提夫的一个儿子护送史提夫,到了一个居民楼的的二楼回廊,那里,在威廉·德·库宁的一幅巨作下,一架大钢琴摆放着。Diane和Betsy坐在长靠椅上,我坐在钢琴旁边的一把小椅子里,史提夫开始弹唱一段萦绕心头的轻快旋律。他还没唱完,但是我知道这是一首关于宽恕的力量的歌曲,副歌这样唱道:“你不必行在水上······”他弹唱的时候,我不自禁不断移动椅子靠近钢琴,最后坐在了他的旁边倾听。当史提夫唱完的时候,我早已满眼泪水,我环顾四周,Betsy和Diane的脸上也挂着泪水。这是在最艰难的时候任何人所能做的最善意的一种表达。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20161113/404691.html