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亲历历史希拉里回忆录 第35期:总统弹劾案

By the time we returned to the White House, there were several challenges on my mind, personal and political. Bill and I had agreed to participate in regular marital counseling to determine whether or not we were going to salvage our marriage. On one level, I was emotionally shell—shocked and trying to deal with the raw wound I had suffered. On another level, I believed Bill was a good person and a great President. I viewed the independent counsel's assault on the Presidency as an ever escalating political war, and I was on Bill's side. 我们回到白宫的时候,关于我个人还有政治方面,我脑子里还是有一些挣扎。比尔与我决意定期参与婚姻问题咨询会,以权衡应否挽救我们的婚姻。在一个层面上,我是感性的人,对自己一连串的遭遇感到震惊,努力想去处理好。另一个层面,我相信比尔是个好人,更是个伟大的总统。针对比尔的政治斗争已势如燎原烈火,我必须站在比尔这一边。 On September 9, Starr's deputies drove two vans to the Capitol steps and delivered copies of the over 119,000-oard "Starr report," complete with thirty-six boxes of supporting documents, to the sergeant-at-arms. Starr's piece of grandstanding was appalling; the quick decision by the House Rules Committee to make the entire report available on the Internet, even more so. 9月9日,斯塔尔的副手们开了两部面包车前往国会山,提交十一万余言的所谓“斯塔尔报告”,还附上三十六箱的辅助说明文件。斯塔尔的盛大其事着实骇人听闻,国会很快通过决议将其对外公布,甚至更多其他的内容。 At a White House prayer breakfast with religious leaders in early September, Bill offered an emotional admission of his sins and a plea for forgiveness from the American people. But he would not give up his office. 9月初的一天,我们在白宫的国家祈祷早餐会上与宗教界领袖面谈,比尔满怀诚心地告白自己的罪过,同时祈求美国人民宽恕。他也表明不会辞职下台。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20161112/404294.html