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亲历历史希拉里回忆录 第34期:想要一个隐私保护区

Everything I had learned from the Watergate investigation convinced me that there were no grounds to impeach Bill. If men like Starr and his allies could ignore the Constitution and abuse power for ideological and malicious ends to topple a President, I feared for my country. 从水门事件调查中我所学到的一切让我相信,没有理由弹劾比尔。如果像斯塔尔和他的盟友那样的人不顾宪法,想要滥用意识形态的力量来恶意推翻总统,那么我真得担心我的国家。 Bill's Presidency, the institutional Presidency and the integrity of the Constitution hung in the balance. I knew what I did and said in the next days and weeks would influence not just Bill's future and mine, but also America's. As for my marriage, it hung in the balance, too, and I wasn't at all sure which way the scale would, or should, tip. 比尔能否保住其总统职权?美国宪法可否维系于不坠?这一切殊难逆料。但我可以肯定,这段期间我的一切言行,都将影响比尔与我及国家的未来。至于我的婚姻问题则暂时悬而不决。究竟事情最终会如何发展,我丝毫没有概念。 Life moved on, and I moved with it. I accompanied Bill to Moscow for another state visit on September 1 and then on to Ireland to meet Tony and Cherie Blair and to walk the streets of Omagh where the bombing occurred. 日子终究还是要过,我只得振作精神重拾起生活。9月1日,我陪着比尔到莫斯科做又一次的出国访问,然后去爱尔兰会见托尼和切丽布莱尔夫妇,走在曾经发生过爆炸案的奥马街头。 The huge contingent of reporters who followed the President to Russia and Ireland was looking for more than a peace mission story. They were watching both of us closely for clues to the state of our marriage. Did we stand close together or apart? Was I frowning or crying behind dark glasses? And what was the significance of the knitted sweater I bought for Bill in Dublin, which he wore to Limerick for his first golf game in more than a month? I desperately wanted to restore a zone of privacy for myself and my family, but I wondered if that would ever be possible again. 跟随总统到俄罗斯和爱尔兰的庞大记者队伍寻找的不仅仅是和平使命的故事。他们密切注视着我们寻觅我们婚姻状况的蛛丝马迹。我们是站在一起还是分开站?我皱没皱眉或是否在墨镜后面流眼泪?我在都柏林买给比尔的针织毛衣的意义是什么?在一个多月里,比尔也曾穿着那件针织毛衣去利默里克进行他的第一次打高尔夫。我迫切地想为自己和我的家人找到一个隐私保护区,但我想知道那是否能成为可能。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20161109/403736.html