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亲历历史希拉里回忆录 第31期:搭船出海放松心情

Bill returned to a house thick with silence. Chelsea spent most of her time with our friends Jill and Ken Iscol and their son, Zack. They offered their home and hearts for my confused and hurting daughter. And then Walter Cronkite called and coaxed the three of us to come out on his boat for a sail. 比尔回来时,屋子里一片静寂。切尔西大部分时间都和我们的朋友吉尔和肯·伊斯科尔及他们的儿子扎克在一起。这家人心疼我那心乱如麻且受到伤害的女儿,把她当成自家人。沃尔特·克伦凯特也打电话来,好说歹说哄我们三个人搭他的帆船出海游玩。 We didn't want to go at first. But Walter and his wife, Betsy, had a comforting attitude about the people who were calling for Bill's head and CRIticizing me for putting up with him. "This is just unbelievable," Walter said. "Why don't these people get a life? You know, I've lived long enough to know that good marriages go through tough times. None of us is perfect. Let's go sailing!" 我们原本不想去。不过,沃尔特和他妻子贝琪对那些打电话来数落比尔和批评我不该容忍他的人也持宽容的态度。“这真是令人无法置信,”沃尔特说,“这些人为什么不过他们自己的日子?我活了这么久,知道再好的婚姻也会走过艰难时刻。没有人是完美的。咱们搭船出海吧。” We took him up on his offer. Although I was too numb at that point to say I relaxed, it was refreshing to be out on the open water. And the Cronkites' kind concern lifted my spirits. 结果我们接受了他的邀请。虽然我那时太过麻木,心情难以放松,但身处大海上还是令我精神一振。克伦凯特夫妇的善意关切也使我的心情有所好转。 Maurice Templesman, who came to Martha's Vineyard every summer, was also wonderful to me. I had gotten to know him even better since Jackie's death, and he visited us in the White House. He called and asked if I would come by. We met on his yacht one evening and watched the lights of boats coming into the harbor at Menemsha. He talked for a while about Jackie, whom he missed terribly, and told me he understood how hard her life had been at times. 莫里斯.坦帕尔斯曼对我也是极好的,他每年夏天都要来玛莎葡萄园岛。自从杰姬死后,我对他有了更深的了解。他来白宫看望我们。他打电话问我是否愿意过去看他,于是有天晚上我们在他的游艇上见了面,我们在进入Menemsha港湾船上的灯火,他和我聊了会杰姬,他非常想念的杰姬,他告诉我他明白杰姬有时候生活得有多艰辛! 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20161108/403380.html