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亲历历史希拉里回忆录 第30期:只有小狗巴迪理会比尔

The last thing in the world I wanted to do was go away on vacation, but I was desperate to get out of Washington. Chelsea had wanted to go back to Martha's Vineyard, where good friends were waiting. So Bill, Chelsea and I left for the island the following afternoon. Buddy, the dog, came along to keep Bill company. He was the only member of our family who was still willing to. 当时我最不想做的事就是出门度假,但我又迫不及待要离开华盛顿。切尔西想再去玛莎的葡萄园,那里已经有朋友在等着;比尔、切尔西和我在隔天下午出发。比尔还带着小狗巴迪做伴,它是家里惟一还愿意理会比尔的成员。 Just before we left, Marsha Berry, my imperturbable press secretary made a statement on my behalf. "Clearly", she said, " this is not the best day in Mrs. Clinton's life. This is a time when she relies on her strong religious faith." 出发之前,我那位凡事镇静的新闻秘书玛莎·贝里代我发表声明:“这段时间显然不是克林顿夫人生命中最美好的时光,在这种时候她需要坚强的宗教信仰作为依靠。” By the time we settled into our borrowed house, the adrenaline of the CRIsis had worn off, and I was left with nothing but profound sadness, disappointment and unresolved anger. I could barely speak to Bill, and when I did, it was a tirade. I read. I walked on the beach. He slept downstairs. I slept upstairs. Days were easier than nights. Where do you turn when your best friend, the one who always helps you through hard times, is the one who wounded you? I felt unbearably lonely, and I could tell Bill did too. He kept trying to explain and apologize. But I wasn't ready to be in the same room with him, let alone forgive him. I would have to go deep inside myself and my faith to discover any remaining belief in our marriage, to find some path to understanding. At this point, I really didn't know what I was going to do. 等我们在借住的房子里安顿完毕,危机带来的刺激已经逐渐消退,剩下来的只有深刻的伤心、失望和无从化解的愤怒。我几乎无法和比尔说话,一旦开口,就是一串激烈言词。我阅读,在海滩漫步。他睡楼下,我睡楼上。白天比晚上容易打发。当你发现伤你的人,就是一路扶持你走过艰难时光的挚友,你还能向谁投靠?我感受到无法承受的孤寂,看得出来比尔也是如此,他不断试图向我解释和道歉,可是我还没做好和他共处一室的准备,更别提要原谅他。我只能走入内心和信仰的深处,去探寻我们的婚姻中是否还残留着些许信任,去找寻理解的途径。此时此刻,我真的不知道自己会怎么做。 Shortly after we arrived, Bill returned briefly to the White House to oversee the Cruise missile strikes against one of Osama bin Laden's training camps in Afghanistan. In spite of clear evidence that bin Laden was responsible for the embassy bombings, Bill was CRIticized for ordering the attack. He was accused of doing it to divert attention from his own troubles and the growing talk of impeachment. 我们到达没多久,比尔短暂回了白宫一趟,督导针对本·拉登阿富汗训练基地的导弹攻击行动。尽管有明确证据显示本·拉登是美国大使馆爆炸案的元凶,比尔仍然因下令进行这次攻击而遭到批评,说他是声东击西,借此避免他的麻烦和弹劾案的话题成为外界瞩目的焦点。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20161107/403046.html