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Central Saint Martins art student Tina Gorjanc has submitted plans for a project in which she would use the late designer Lee Alexander McQueen's DNA to grow skin in a laboratory to be used for a special handbag. 中央圣马丁学院的艺术生蒂娜延奇,已经提交了一个项目,在该项目中她想利用已故设计师李亚历山大麦昆的基因在实验室里培育出新生皮肤,用来制作一种特殊的手提包。 Gorjanc used one of McQueen's own hairs, from the labels of his first collection. 延奇使用了麦昆首批收藏中他本人的头发标本。 The Slovenian student said she chose McQueen because he was so famous and wanted to make the point that everyone is potentially vulnerable to having their genetic material used by strangers. 这位斯诺维尼亚学生称她选择麦昆是因为麦昆太出名了,她想说明每个人的基因都很有可能被陌生人拿来利用。 She said that McQueen’s company had given her project its blessing, but a spokesperson later said, “Contrary to some press reports, the company wasn’t approached about this project, nor have we ever endorsed it." 她说麦昆的公司已经对她的项目表达了美好祝愿,但是后来一位发言人说“与很多媒体报道恰恰相反,公司并没有接触到这个项目,也没有对其进行授权。” 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20160824/378528.html