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紧张的2016年6月大学英语六级考试落下帷幕,相信各位考生正焦急的等待着六级考试的参考答案。各位考生莫慌,文都教育马上给大家送上英语听力部分的参考答案,各位小伙伴快来对对吧。 Section A 1-10 1. D)Market research consultant 2. A) Quantitative advertising research 3. D) They study trends or customer satisfaction over a long period. 4. B) Checking charts and tables. 5. A) His view on Canadian universities. 6. B) It is rather inflexible. 7. C) Everybody should be given equal access to higher education. 8. C) It is hard to say which is better, a public university or a private university. 9-11 9. B) The worsening real wage situation around the world. 10. A) They will feel less pressure to raise employees’ wages. 11. C) Employees work shorter hours to avoid layoffs. 12-15 12. A) Whether memory supplements work. 13. D) They are not on based on real science. 14. D) They are presCRIbed by trained practitioners. 15. B) Taking them with other medications might entail unnecessary risks. Section C 16-18 16. D) How the negative impacts of natural disasters can be reduced. 17. B) By taking steps to prepare people for them. 18. A) How preventive action can reduce the loss of life. 19-22 19. C) Contribute more to the goal of a wider recovery 20. B) Many smaller regional banks are going to fail 21. D) It will try to provide more loans 22. D) It will be necessary if the economy starts to shrink again 23-25 23. A). Being unable to learn new things. 24. A). Cognitive stimulation. 25. C). Endeavoring to give up unhealthy lifestyles. 最后,文都教育预祝各位小伙伴顺利拿下英语六级哦。来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20160620/358312.html