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2016年6月18日全国大学英语六级考试已结束,本次考试为多题多卷,文都教育及时为大家提供参考答案,供考生参考。 听力答案】 1. D)Market research consultant 2. A) Quantitative advertising research 3. D) They study trends or customer satisfaction over a long period. 4. B) Checking charts and tables. 5. A) His view on Canadian universities. 6. B) It is rather inflexible. 7. C) Everybody should be given equal access to higher education. 8. C) It is hard to say which is better, a public university or a private university. 9. B) The worsening real wage situation around the world. 10. A) They will feel less pressure to raise employees’ wages. 11. C) Employees work shorter hours to avoid layoffs. 12. A) Whether memory supplements work. 13. D) They are not on based on real science. 14. D) They are presCRIbed by trained practitioners. 15. B) Taking them with other medications might entail unnecessary risks. 16. D) How the negative impacts of natural disasters can be reduced. 17. B) By taking steps to prepare people for them. 18 .A) How preventive action can reduce the loss of life. 19 .C) Contribute more to the goal of a wider recovery 20 .B) Many smaller regional banks are going to fail 21. D) It will try to provide more loans 22 .D) It will be necessary if the economy starts to shrink again 23 .A) Being unable to learn new things. 24. A) Cognitive stimulation. 25. C) Endeavoring to give up unhealthy lifestyles. 【选词填空】 26. O) undertakes 27. K) occupation 28. H ) existence 29. J) intolerant 30. A) automatically 31. N) slightly 32. E) emphasizing 33. M) recession 34. D) confused 35. B) beneficial 【段落匹配】 36. I) Examples show that… 37. C) Environment protection and improvement.. 38. L) It is not necessarily… 39. D) The common hteme.. 40. K) Development agencies disagree… 41. E) Managing ecosystems sustainably is more profitable ... 42. G) The Millennium Ecosystem.... 43. A) ”if our economies are.... ” 44. N) A case can be made .... 45. J) There is a view that .... 【仔细阅读 Passage one 46. D Interactive television advertising has not achieved the anticipated results. 47. C Somewhat doubtful. 48. C It has placed TV advertising at a great disadvantage. 49. B It has done well in engaging the viewers. 50. A They may be due to the novel way of advertising. Passage two 51.B insufficient demand 52.D groundless 53.A the booming defense industry 54.A powerful opposition to government 55.C to show urgent need for the government to take action 【翻译参考译文】创新 Innovation is progressing in an uNPRecedented speed in China. In order to catch up with those developed countries in the world as fast as it can in the science and technology field, China has increased funds for development research substantially in recent years. Universities and research institutions in China are actively carrying out innovation researches, which cover high-technology fields such as big data, biochemistry, new energy and robots, etc. They also cooperate with science park in various regions, commercializing the research results of innovation. Meanwhile, no matter in production and business model, entrepreneurs in China are competing to be pioneers in innovation to adapt to the constantly changing and increasing needs of the consumer market at home and abroad,, 【作文之在线学习】 参考范文: With science and technology developing, an increasing number of people prefer to study online instead of attending school. Indeed, e-learning has become a common phenomenon. There are two factors leading to this condition. For one thing, with the speeding up of modern life rhythm, the internet, to a large degree, plays a dominant part in our daily life. Thus, there is no doubt that it offers us many advantages and makes our life more convenient and efficient, ranging from online meal booking to reading online. Additionally, it is a more advanced approach to access to essential and useful information. By clicking the mouse , any stories and information what I want at any given time and site can be accessed. Consequently, that’s the reason why a large number of people prefer to choose the way of studying online. Admittedly, much useless and false information abounds on the internet. It is advisable for us to learning more carefully and CRItically.来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20160620/358309.html