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四六级翻译中最常用到的就是分句法与合句法,下面我们重点来讲解一下这两个方法。 很多情况下,翻译句子的时候,需要调整原来的句子结构,分句法和合句法是调整原文句子的两种重要的方法。 所谓分句法就是把原文的一个简单句译为两个或两个以上的句子。 所谓合句法就是把原文两个或两个以上的简单句或一个复合句译成一个单句。 7、合句法 把汉语内容关系密切的两个句子甚至更多句子合译为英语的一句就是合句译法。翻译时,既可以合译为一个主从句,也可合译为成分较为复杂(如包含非谓语动词等)的简单句。其优点在于不仅用词不多,而且句子显得流畅。合句译法的方法主要有: (1)在关联词处合译 [例] 每去一次,我的药量就减少一些,最后医生告诉我说,不必再服药了。 With each visit,the dose of medicine presCRIbed to me would be progressively reduced until the time came when the doctor said that 1 would no longer need them. 这句话的后半部分表示的是结果,在翻译时用一个定语从句the time came when the doctor said thatIwould no longer need them将其连接起来。 (2)按内容连贯合译 [例] 老年人有长处,但也有很大的弱点,老年人容易固执,因此老年人也要有点自觉性。 Old people have strengths but also great weaknesses--they tend to be stubborn,for example--and they should be aware of that. 原文的几个短旬可被分为两个部分,后面一部分补充说明前面一部分的“弱点”。使用破折号可以简单明了地表达出补充说明的关系。 (3)从主语变换处合译 [例] 不注意眼睛的休息,长时间近距离用眼或长期的不正确姿势,会使人眼处于视疲劳状态,进而形成近视眼。 If they are used for a long time without rest,or kept close to the object or with your body in an improper posture,your eyes will be in a state of visual fatigue,which will gradually lead to nearsightedness. 8、分句法 汉译英时,需要分译的句子多数是长句,或者是结构复杂的复句。这种句子如果译成一个长句,就会使译文冗长、累赘、意思表达不清楚,也不符合英文习惯。如果采用分译,则会使译文简洁、易懂、层次分明。 (1)从主语变换处断句 [例] 与会者对这个问题的观点差别太大,以致发生了争吵,一时会场的气氛紧张起来。 The opinions of the attendants about this issue were far from unanimous so that some of them began to quarrel with each other.The atmosphere at the meeting became tense at the moment. (2)从关联词(如转折处)断句 [例] 昨天出了好几起交通事故,或许是因为有大雾的缘故吧! There were several traffic accidents yesterday.Maybe because of the heavy fog. (3)从意义完整、独立处断句 [例] 一转眼,20年就这样过去了,回首往事,是幸福,还是惆怅,恐怕连自己也难以搞清。 Twenty years has elapsed in the twinkling of an eye.When looking back,I’m afraid that we won’t know what we can find in the past,happiness or sadness (4)原文出现总说或分述时要断句 [例] 我们恢复和采取这些贸易方式的原因很简单:因为我们出口商品就是为了我们国外客户的需要。 The reason why we have restored and adopted these trade practices is very simple. Our export commodities are for the use and consumption of our foreign customers. (5)为了强调语气而采用断句 [例] 我们主张对我国神圣领土台湾实行和平统一,有关的政策,也是众所周知和不会改变的,并且正在深入全中华民族的心坎。 We want peaceful reunification with Taiwan which is part of our sacred territory.Our policy in this regard is also known to all and will not change.The desire for peaceful reunification of the motherland is taking hold in the hearts of the entire Chinese nation.来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20160528/352304.html