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童鞋们,再接再励,把这鸡汤喝了~可以补脑啊~ with respect to 关于,至于 with the exception of 除...外,毫无疑问,毫无异议 with relation to 关于,涉及,有关;与...相比 within sight of 被见到,看得见;在望,在即 word for word 逐字,一字不变地 put into use 使用,应用 be satisfied with 满足 be satisfied of 相信 hardly ... when 刚…就… come to a conclusion 得出结论 avoid doing sth. 避免干某事 decline invitation 辞谢邀请 agree on/upon 取得一致意见 may (might) as well 还是…好 argue about 争论 take (make) a stand for 捍卫 take (make) a stand against 反对 come after 跟随 in support of 支持 lie up 躺着休息 beside the question 离题 refresh one’s memory 使人记起 bring to mind 使人想起 compile dictionary 编字典 present sb. with sth. 送给某人某礼物 indifferent to 不在乎 go on strike 罢工 against one’s will 违心地 in one’s will 在…遗嘱中 of one’s free will 出于自愿 with ease 容易,不费力 prepare for 准备 get to 开始;到达 fall off 下降 fall away 背离 televise live 实况转播 by the moment 到…时 have intention of 有意,打算 no intention of 无意,不打算 have not the least idea of 不知道 have no desire for 对…没有欲望 have desire to do sth. 想做某事来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20160528/352303.html