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文化教育    first-rate facilities  一流的设施   diploma 文凭 pre-school education  学前教育 educational system  教育体制  dropout student  失学儿童  expand your horizons  开阔视野 compulsory education  义务教育   eliminate illiteracy  扫盲   integrate with other people  与人交往 interpersonal skill  人际交往能力  education for all-round development  素质教育 impart knowledge and educate people  教书育人 educational expert  教育专家 rely on science and education to rejuvenate the nation  科教兴国 teach students according to their aptitude  因材施教 give full play to one’s ability  充分发挥能力 be exposed to new ideas/experience  接触各种新思想/新体验 broaden one’s outlook/expand one’s mental horizons  开阔眼界 社会热点     shanzhai culture  “山寨”文化 civil service examinations 公务员考试  self-employment  自主创业 juvenile delinquency  青少年犯罪 grateful  感恩  information security  信息安全 shortage of power  缺电 shopping by media  媒体购物   job-hopping  跳槽 housing problem  住房问题  pay attention to social morality  讲究社会公德 fake diplomas  假文凭   child abuse  虐待儿童   cause alarm and attention  引起警惕和关注 aging of population  人口老龄化 unemployment  失业   rush into the city  冲进城市   pose a threat to  构成威胁  to pay by installments  分期付款  traffic light  交通灯 residential area  住宅区 slums  贫民区来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20160520/349920.html