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段落匹配 卷二答案 46.Many first-generation college-goers have doubts about their abilities to get a college degree. 答案:H 47.First-generation college students tend to have much heavier financial burdens than their peers. 答案:C 48.The graduation rate of first-generation students at Nijay’s university was incredibly low. 答案:B 49.Some top institutions like Yale seem to provide first-generation students with more support than they actually need. 答案:N 50.  On entering college, Nijay Williams had no idea how challenging college education was. 答案:A 51.Many universities simply refuse to release their exact graduation rates for first generation students. 答案:J 52.According to a marketing executive, many students from low-income families don’t know they could have a chance of going to an elite university. 答案:G 53.Some elite universities attach great importance to building up the first-generation students’ self-confidence. 答案:O 54.I’m First distributes information to help first-generation college-goers find schools that are most suitable for them. 答案:D 55.Elite universities distributes information to help first-generation students at a higher rate. 答案:M来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20160102/309918.html