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这次四级作文的题目之一是:“听比说重要”。 由此可见,这次四级考试设置的题目还是遵循以往的话题思路,没有太大的变化。这两个话题都是和我们大学生生活很相关的话题,属于个人成功品质类的话。所以在写作时,可以用我们都教授给大家的模板和范例。 具体的写作如下: “听比说重要”话题: 第一段:As a college student, talking and listening are commonly used in communication, but how can you talk without listening to others?it is of significance to develop good conversation skills .(表明沟通技巧的重要性。) It is also necessary for us to know how to effectively communicate to others. I hold the idea that listening is also a necessary quality of a successful person.(说明听比说重要。) 第二段:The argues of listening being important than the talking can be seen n our daily life frequently(总体介绍). I In the first place,(第一个方面). In addition, (第二个方面). Last but not the least ,(第三个方面). Under these circumstances, I firmly contend that listening is far more important than the talking.(具体举例说明生活中听比说重要。) 第三段: Therefore, nothing can compare with listening in a perfect communication! In order to enhance our conversation skills, here are a few simple methods to help us become a great listener, including stopping talking endlessly, giving your full attention to the speaker and making an effort to shift the focus of the conversation to the other person. So, listening is important than the talking. (总结话题,重新点题,和手段呼应) 以上写作方法,都教授真心希望考生们都扎扎实实练习过。也祝愿各位考生今天的考试都能如愿以偿地顺利通过。来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20151220/305994.html