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七、情态动词 注意情态动词完成式的用法有两方面的含义: 1.表示已经发生的情况 (1)must have +过去分词,表示对已发生情况的肯定推测,译为“(昨天)一定……”。如: My pain must have been apparent the moment I walked into the room, for the first man I met asked sympathetically: “Are you feeling all right?” (2)can’t/couldn’t have +过去分词,表示对已发生情况的否定推测,译为“(昨天)一定没……”。 如: Mary couldn’t have received my letter; otherwise she would have replied before now. (3)may/might have +过去分词,表示对已发生的事情做不肯定、可能性很小的推测,或事实上根本没发生,译为“也许……”。如:At Florida Power’s Crystal River plant, a potentially serious leakage of radioactive water may have been unknowingly caused by an electrician. 2.表示虚拟语气 (1)needn’t have+过去分词,表示做了不必做的事,译为“其实没必要……”。如: As it turned out to be a small house party, we needn’t have dressed up so formally. (2)should /should not have +过去分词,表示应该做某事但实际上未做,或本不应该做但实际上做了, 译为“本(不)应该……”。如:I regret having left the work unfinished; I should have planned everything ahead carefully. (3)ought to have+过去分词,表示动作按理该发生了,但实际上未发生,译为“该……”,与should的完成式含义类似。如: The porter ought to have called the fire-brigade as soon as he saw the fire in the stock, which went up in smoke. (4)could have+过去分词,表示过去本来可以做但却未做,译为“完全可以……”。如: What you said is right, but you could have phrased it more tactfully. (5)may/might have + 过去分词,表示过去可以做但实际未做,译为“(那样)也许会……”。如: It might have been better to include more punchy statistics and photos of equipment in the introduction to further assist first-time office automation managers. 3.几个情态动词常考的句型 (1)may/might (just) as well“不妨,最好”,与had better相近。如: Since the flight was cancelled, you might as well go by train. (2)cannot/can’t…too… “越……越好,怎么也不过分”。注意这个句型的变体cannot…over…。如: You cannot be too careful when you drive a car. The final chapter covers organizational change and development. This subject cannot be overemphasized. (3)usedn’t或didn’t use to为used to (do)的否定式。 (4)should 除了“应该”一层意思外,大纲还规定要掌握其“竟然”的意思。如: I didn’t expect that he should have behaved like that.  来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20151123/297675.html