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Financial Benefits: Managers, company owners and supervisors have always been frustrated and bewildered by employees with little or no motivation. Staff always want reward for their contribution to the company and what they are worth. Such factors are just like market forces. The fundamental reason of looking for a job is to get pay. Staff do the job what they are paid for. However, quite often, the staff work overtime under their managers’ demand. If the company fails to give proper financial benefits staff might subsequently feel not being fairly treated, and therefore frustrate their enthusiasm for their work. Staff want some sort of recognition for the job that they do. Correct financial benefits plan will arouse their enthusiasm; otherwise they would feel being ignored. The job that the staff are doing is not always interesting, or the working environment may not be pleasant, or their colleagues might not be very helpful and cooperative. In this kind of situation/under the kind of circumstance, the staff would become stressful and uninterested in their job. Correct financial benefits can normally distract staff from their dissatisfaction with…. Career development/structure: Job-hunting is always a two-way process. On one hand, the employees look for their ideal jobs, on the other hand the employer, at the same time, look for competitive people. An employer has a number of methods to attract the best people into its business. Such as high pay, traveling opportunities, company cars and training/career development opportunities. Good educational background is not the only element that the future employers will take into account when they look for someone in the job market. Postgraduate qualifications and professional trainings are equally or even more important than the higher education degrees. When the HR managers only have 30 seconds to go through each applicant’s CV, the sector that will catch their eyes are normally your qualification and professional training experiences, which show whether you suit their vacant positions. Nowadays, very few people would like to go for that kind of job-for-life posts. They all wish to have their jobs better and better. If an employee is able to get the opportunities to obtain some sort of professional training during the course of employment, this experience will definitely enhance his value in the employment market and therefore benefits his future job-hunting. So in the two-way job-seeking process, while the employer is choosing its favorite people, the wise future employee will consider the training and career development opportunities with his/her future employer and try to make himself/herself more competitive in the employment market. Ⅲ Business Dialogue 1) Negotiating a Job Offer Employer: would you consider an offer of $56,000 per year? Ms. Wilson: What kind of benefits are talking about? Employer: Our standard package includes health insurance, two weeks vacation and a company car. Ms. Wilson: Are these things negotiable? Employer: Uh…not normally. What do you have in mind ? Ms. Wilson: Vacation time is important to me. I would be willing to give up these other items in order to receive more vacation days. Employer: What an interesting idea, Ms. Wilson. Would you also be willing to accept a cut in initial salary? Ms. Wilson: possibly. What do you have in mind ? 2) Employee Pay Raise Boss: You have done an excellent job this year and we are pleased with the results. Employee: I am glad that you have been happy with my performance. Boss: As a result of your performance, we happy to offer you the position of manager. Employee: Does this title come with an increase in salary? 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20151016/286828.html