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Ⅰ Life English Talking about money 1. If you have money, you can easily make money. Money makes money. Money begets money. If you are in debt, you lose your self-respect. You lose your motivation. Your debt continues to grow. You start to worry. You need to borrow more money. You get even deeper in debt. 2. Money comes. Money goes. But the memory is always there. Money talks. Money rules. Money is power. 3. Money burns a hole in your pocket. It goes out as fast as it comes in. You’re a spendthrift. Don’t squander your hard-earned money. Put your savings in the bank. Never live beyond your means. Be a good consumer. Be a smart shopper. Be a clever buyer. Ⅱ Presentation Topics Team Work WHAT IS IMPORTANT WHEN…? MANAGING A PROJECT l ENCOURAGING TEAMWORK l KEEPING TO SCHEDULE WHAT IS IMPORTANT WHEN…? CHOOSING PEOPLE TO WORK IN TEAMS l VARIETY OF EXPERIENCE l PERSONAL QUALITIES Key point: improve working efficiency. This plays a crucial role in the commercial practice in Western world. Explain the importance of team work: Teamwork reflects the combined experiences, knowledge, intelligence and views of a group of people, so it will definitely improve the quality and efficiency of the work. If the participants worked together, it would be easy for them to come up with creative ideas. This is particularly valuable for a relatively complex work, for the people working in a team, if one of them gets stuck on a matter, others/the rest could chip in their ideas and get the problem sorted. But if you work on your own, for instance, you are the sole manager in the department. If people did not work as a team, everyone would have to wait for the decisions made by the manager and it was not easy to get people to take on responsibility for anything. A huge and complicated project is not possible to be completed/done by merely one person. For instance, 3 Gorges project-a huge amount of money, 30 million people have to emigrate to elsewhere, a lot of commercial contracts You will get bored quickly if you work on you own. But if you work in a team… Working in a team can increase personal awareness of abilities and complementary skills in colleague. How to improve teamwork: General ideas; friendly atmosphere; not bossy; patient; good manners; modest; leadership; good interpersonal skills; variety of experience Variety of experience and a broad horizon would help to tackle urgent matters and establish his or her personal prestige. Well-experienced staff are capable of overcoming storms and CRIses. On coming across problematic issues, new or inexperienced staff usually will feel depressed and even start to panic. One or a number of experienced staff will, in this kind of situation, automatically become the spiritual leaders of the team and can get the issues in question solved quickly. A wide range of experiences are important to a team member, because you never know what kind of problems might suddenly come up to you. Experiences in different fields will enhance the chance of successfully sorting out the problem with your knowledge which is based on your past experience. Personal qualities: The basis of the team work is mutual trust and friendly atmosphere Good manners, not too bossy, patient, modest, leadership, good interpersonal skills. Project Management 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20151015/286524.html