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Ⅰ Tongue Twister 1. Good cookies could be cooked by good cook if a good cook could cook good cookies. 2. If you understand, say understand. If you don't understand, say don't understand. If you understand say you don't understand. How can I understand you understand. Understand? 3. Peter Pipe picked a peck of pickled peppers prepared by his parents and put them on a large paper plate. Ⅱ Conversation Possible Topics & Questions Suggested Answers and Note Transport How did you come here today? How did you travel to the test? Did you come here by bus? If you could travel by any form of transport you want, what would you choose? (Why?) Which form of transport would you like to travel by? How do you think you will travel to work in 15 years' time? How do you think you will travel to work 15 years from now? 2 Bus / taxi / cab / private car / subway / Tube underground / tram time / safety / money 2 light way / subway / airport 2 It would be fast developing in 15 years time and will cover everywhere in Beijing . It will be really convenient. Hotels What kind of accommodation do you usually stay in when you go on holiday? Do you stay in a hotel or an apartment you are on holiday? What kinds of facilities do you think hotels ought to provide for business people? (Why?) Do you think companies should pay for their staff to stay in expensive hotels on business trips? (Why? / Why not?) Should people stay in expensive hotels on business trips? (Why? / Why not?) 2 hotel/motel/villa/apartment/flat(BrE)/dorm 2 city breaks, beach holidays sun-tanned / fast-tanned center 2 camping camp or tent 2 Hitchhiking, hitchhiker (take a gap year) 2 Domestic travel 2 Sight seeing 2 Hi-tech, Local Area Net, internet, database system, fax 2 Well equipped conference room, sound-proof multi-function hall video-conferencing, tele-conferencing 2 It depends (on the different circumstances). If you fix a deal which is worth $1000000, in that case, your company will pay for you to live… If you go there for only $2, it's impossible. Possible Topics & Questions Suggested Answers and Note Job What kind of job would you like to do most? (Why?) What would your ideal job be? What kind of job do you like? Should companies offer training to staff? (Why? / Why not?) Do you think companies should provide training for staff? Would you like to work abroad? (Why? / Why not?) Is the opportunity to work in another country important to you? Job title Job responsibility Job satisfaction 2 trainingàproductivityàprofitàmotivation But: trainingàcost money, time, staff opportunity cost internal conflict 2 broaden one's horizon, experience 2 …is quite an experience to me. 2 …is a real eye-opener 2 culture messenger Training Course What kind of training course have you ever taken? Have you ever taken any training course? What do you think is most important when you choose a training course? (Why?) What do you usually expect from a training course? NewOriental School BEC online training course Computer skill training course Location Transportation Duration of course Cost Flexibility of trainer Topics covered Materials Follow up advice High expectancy Life expectancy Possible Topics & Questions Suggested Answers and Note Future Plan What would you like to do after you finish your studies? (Why?) What are you doing now for the preparation of your future plan? What if you failed to find a job as a…? What would you do if you couldn't find a job as a…? 2 go abroad, look for a job, hunt for a job, study further, post graduate 2 knowledge preparation: attend training course 2 psychological preparation: be mature improve interpersonal skills 2 It is not quite possible. ü If you don't want me, there are several other companies waiting for me, actually I've got several offers. ü Can you do it? AmE: Yes, definitely is a piece of cake. BrE: I'm sure I can do it. Teamwork What kind of people do you most like working /studying with? (Why?) What do you think makes a good team? What is a good team? Do you think you work in a good team? (Why? / Why not?) 2 Honest and have good interpersonal skills 2 Cooperation and friendly atmosphere 2 Mutual trust Ⅲ Conversation Topics Asking about personal views. 1. Why do you study English? 2. Why do you want to study business? 3. What do you think of some modern methods of payment (credit cards, cheques, bank transfers)? 4. What role does the computer play in modern business? 5. What are some necessary steps for preparing a business trip overseas? 6. Which kind of office would you prefer to work in, cellular or an open-plan office? 7. What do you think of international trade? 8. How to deal with customer enquires on the phone? 9. Transportation: (What is your usual means of transportation? Compare the various means of transportation) 10. Health and safety in the workplace (How to ensure a healthy working environment for employees? What are some health hazards in the office/factory shop? What safety measures should be adopted in the workplace?) 11. How to keep a balance between growth and environment protection? 12. Radio and TV (What are your favorite/TV programs? Why?) 13. What kind of role does advertising play in promoting your products/services? Which form of advertising is most effective in your opinion? 14. What are the required qualities of a modern manager? 15. What do you know about flexible time? 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20151014/286216.html