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ⅳ 、 BEC2 Content BEC2 考试主要是考学生的语言能力,包括听、说、读、写四个方面。试卷所设计的语言文字基本山都与商务有关。另外,还考学生的英语语法、结构等内容。 BEC2 考试分笔试和口试两大部分。笔试包括阅读、写作和听力。 Preliminary Vantage Advanced Reading 1 hr 30 mins ﹡ 1 hr 1 hr Writing 45 mins 1 hr 10 mins Listening 40 mins 40 mins 40 mins Speaking ( 2 candidates) 12 mins ﹡﹡ 14 mins ﹡﹡ 16 mins ﹡﹡ ⅵ 、 BEC2 Grades * one overall grade * each skill counts for 25% * candidates also receive profile of performance * Preliminary: two pass grades * Vantage and Advance: three pass grades ⅶ 、 Introduction to BP Preparation Resource * vocabulary * textbook 《 Pass Cambridge Vantage 》 Teamwork, Entertaining a client, Brand power, New premises, Health and safety, Business travel, Marketing disasters, Going global 是 BV 常考的商务专题。下面以 Brand power 举例说明: 1 . 掌握商务词汇短语 E.g. to buy/develop/launch/sell/test/own/stretch/damage a brand E.g. brand image/leader/loyalty/name/power/stretching 2 . 掌握相关商务知识 E.g. Explain why you brought one of the products. strong sense of brand loyalty reasonable price good after-sales service reliability of the product good and consistent quality user-friendly design good value for money in style 3 . 掌握相关背景知识 Tesco, J Sainsbury, Asda 《 Working in English 》 * mock exam papers: 9 sets ⅷ 、 Register for BV ⅸ 、 Business Research Answering business studies question Business Studies is a skills based subject which tests students' ability to use their knowledge. There are four basic skills: Level One DesCRIption/Identification Level Two Explanation Level Three Analysis Level Four Evaluation To gain the highest grades, candidates must show evidence of the higher skills Key types of questions Responses should: Identify/state/desCRIbe.. make a point Explain/outline… make a point and develop it Discuss… present two sides of the debate Examine/assess/analyse.. make a point and develop fully with some question of it CRItically assess/to what extent… explain both sides and evaluate 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20151012/285635.html