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Cool beans, rents! Mothers and fathers are finally being given a chance to understand "Teenglish". “酷豆”、“房租”!现在,爸爸妈妈们终于有机会了解“新新人类”语言是什么含义了。 They can study a new glossary of baffling vocabulary to prevent them looking like a "fudge" in front of their offspring. 看完这本收录了年轻人稀奇古怪的常用语的书后,大人们就再也不会被年轻一代当作“牛奶巧克力软糖”了。 The guide, Pimp Your Vocab, aims to demystify the jargon used by teenagers and young people. 这本名为《时髦你的词汇》致力于解开年轻人常用语的神秘面纱。 It translates words they regularly use including "cool beans" which means something is great. "Rents" means parents, combing the last half of the word with the fact they often provide rent-free accommodation. A "fudge" is an idiot. 原来,年轻人常用的一些词汇的意思是这样的:“酷豆”的意思是“棒极了”。“房租”是对“爸爸妈妈”的称呼,它截取了"parents"的后四个字母,因为父母通常都给孩子们提供免费住宿。而“牛奶巧克力软糖”则暗指“笨蛋”。 Author Lucy Tobin said she got the idea during her English degree course when a tutor was confused by a student declaring: "I was IM-ing ..." 此书的作者露西·托宾表示,她在就读英语学位时萌发了写这本书的念头,因为有一回一名老师不明白学生所谓的"I was IM-ing"是什么意思。 She added: "After we students explained IM-ing--when you talk to friends online via instant messaging--I wrote a guide to the language kids use." 她补充说,学生们向老师解释,他们经常和朋友在网上使用即时通信服务聊天,也就是所说的"instant messaging"。因此她这本书里都是如今孩子们的日常用语。 Miss Tobin believes that the guide could help improve staff-student communication. 托宾同时相信,这本语言指南还能增进师生间的交流和沟通。 "Meaning is not an exact science, but depends on mutual agreement between reader and writer, speaker and listener, teenager and adult." 托宾认为,语言的含义并非一门严密的科学,它依赖于读者与作者、说者与听者,青少年与成年人相互间的理解与赞同。 Teachers and academics have already complained that Teenglish and "text message speak" are creeping into exam answers. 教师和学术界专家已经发出感叹,“新新人类”语言和“短信用语”正不知不觉出现在学生们的考卷中。 But last year, John Wells, president of the Spelling Society, claimed that the informal language of texts, chat rooms and emails were the "way forward". 拼写协会主席约翰·威尔斯曾在去年表示,短消息、聊天室和电子邮件中使用的非正式语言其实是语言的“一大进步”。 He said that people should stop worrying about "text message speak" creeping into general usage and called for the apostrophe to be abolished. 他说,人们无需担心“短信用语”渗透进日常用语之中,他甚至呼吁废除英语中的所有格符号。 附:《时髦你的词汇》中收录的“新新人类”词汇摘选 Allow (that): Absolutely no way Big up:To praise or congratulate Bung: alowed Completely drunk Devo: Devastated Drunk: dial Phoning/texting while under the influence Dry: Something tedious or dull Fo’shizzle: Definitely Gank: The act of stealing Neek: Hybrid of nerd and geek Owned: To be embarrassed Safe: Cool Skankaroo: Disgusting Soz: Sorry wipeout: When your cash cards stop working Teek: Very old Twoc: Take without owner’s consent Vamoosh: To go Wagwan: What’s going on? Woop woop: Noise made to denote happiness. Zoned out: Day dreaming 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20150629/256268.html