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The biggest Budget deficit in ourpeace-time history. The deepest recession since theSecond World War. But it wasn’t just the debt anddeficit Labour left… …it was who got hurt. Millions coming here fromoverseas while millions of British people were left on welfare. The richest paying lower taxrates than their cleaners. Unsustainable, debt-fuelled banksbooming – while manufacturing withered away. The North falling further behind. Towns where a quarter of peoplelived on benefits. Schools where 8 out of 10children didn’t get five decent GCSEs. Yes, they were famously“intensely relaxed” about people getting filthy rich… ...but tragically, they were also“intensely relaxed” about people staying stuck on welfare year after year... …“intensely relaxed” aboutchildren leaving school without proper qualifications so they couldn’t hope toget a job at the end of it. That was it. That was what they left. The casino economy meets thewelfare society meets the broken education system... …a country for the few built bythe so-called party of the many… …and Labour: we will never letyou forget it. OUR MISSION These past few years have been areal struggle. But what people want to know nowis: was the struggle worth it? And here’s the honest answer. The struggle will only be worthit if we as a country finish the job we’ve started. Finishing the job meansunderstanding this. Our economy may be turning thecorner – and of course that’s great. But we still haven’t finishedpaying for Labour’s Debt CRIsis. If anyone thinks that’s over,done, dealt with - they’re living in a fantasy land. This country’s debt crisis,created by Labour, is not over. After three years of cuts, westill have one of the biggest deficits in the world. We are still spending more thanwe earn. We still need to earn more andyes, our Government still needs to spend less. I see that Labour have stoppedtalking about the debt crisis and now they talk about the cost of livingcrisis. As if one wasn’t directly relatedto the other. If you want to know what happensif you don’t deal with a debt crisis... ...and how it affects the cost ofliving... ...just go and ask the Greeks. So finishing the job meanssticking to our course until we’ve paid off all of Labour’s deficit, not justsome of it. And yes – let’s run a surplus sothat this time we fix the roof when the sun is shining... ...as George said in thatbrilliant speech on Monday. To abandon deficit reduction nowwould throw away all the progress we’ve made. It would put us back to squareone. Unbelievably, that’s exactly whatLabour now want to do. How did they get us into thismess? Too much spending, too muchborrowing, too much debt. And what did they propose lastweek? More spending, more borrowing,more debt. They have learned nothing –literally nothing – from the crisis they created. But finishing the job is aboutmore than clearing up the mess we were left. It means building somethingbetter in its place. In place of the casino economy,one where people who work hard can actually get on. In place of the welfare society,one where no individual is written off. In place of the broken educationsystem, one that gives every child the chance to rise up and succeed. Our economy, our society,welfare, schools… ...all reformed, all rebuilt -with one aim, one mission in mind: To make this country, at longlast and for the first time ever, a land of opportunity for all. For all. So it makes no difference whetheryou live in the North or in the South, whether you’re black or you’re white, aman or a woman, the school you went to, the background you have, who yourparents were… ...what matters is the effort youput in, and if you put the effort in you’ll have the chance to make it. That’s what the land ofopportunity means. That’s what finishing the jobmeans. Of course I know that others in politicsmay talk about these things. But wishing for something, caringabout something - that’s not enough. You can’t conjure up a dynamiceconomy, a strong society, fantastic schools all with the stroke of aminister’s pen. It takes a mixture of hard work,common sense and – above all – the right values. When the left say: you can’texpect too much from the poorest kids; don’t ask too much from people onwelfare; business is the problem, not the solution… …Here in this party we say:that’s just wrong. If you expect nothing of peoplethat does nothing for them. Yes, you must help people – butyou help people by putting up ladders that they can climb through their ownefforts. You don’t help children succeedby dumbing down education… ...you help them by pushing themhard. Good education is not aboutequality of outcomes but bringing the best out of every single child. You don’t help people by leavingthem stuck on welfare… ...but by helping them stand ontheir own two feet. Why? Because the best way out ofpoverty is work – and the dignity that brings. We know that profit, wealthcreation, tax cuts, enterprise... ...these are not dirty, elitistwords – they’re not the problem... ...they really are the solutionbecause it’s not government that creates jobs, it’s businesses… …it’s businesses that get wagesin people’s pockets, food on their tables, hope for their families and successfor our country. There is no shortcut to a land ofopportunity. No quick fix. No easy way to do it. You build it business by business,school by school, person by person… ...patiently,practically, painstakingl 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20150604/249667.html