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This week in Manchester we’veshown this Party is on the side of hardworking people. Helping young people buy theirown home. Getting the long-term unemployedback to work. Freezing fuel duty. Backing marriage. Cutting the deficit. Creating jobs. Creating wealth. Make no mistake: it is this Partywith the verve, energy and ideas to take our country forward… …and I want to thank everyonehere for the great week we’ve had. When we came to office, we faceda clear and daunting task: to turn our country around. In May 2010, the needle on thegauge was at CRIsis point. People were talking about ourcountry in a way they had not done for decades. But three and a half years later,we are beginning to turn the corner. The deficit is falling. Our economy is growing. The numbers of our fellowcountrymen and women in work are rising. We are not there yet, not by along way. But, my friends, we are on ourway. I want to thank the people whohave done the most to get us this far. You. The British people. Never giving up. Working thoseextra hours. Coping with those necessary cuts. You. British business. You keptpeople on in the hard times. Invested before you knew for certain that thingswere getting better. Together – we are clearing up themess that Labour left. But I have a simple question, tothe people in this hall and beyond it. Is that enough? Is it enough that we just clearup Labour’s mess and think ‘job done’? Is it enough to just fix whatwent wrong? I say – no. Not for me. This isn’t job done; it is jobbegun. I didn’t come into politics justto fix what went wrong, but to build something right. We in this party – we don’t dreamof deficits and decimal points and dry fiscal plans …our dreams are about helpingpeople get on in life… …aspiration, opportunity… …these are our words, our dreams. So today I want to talk about ourone, abiding mission… …I believe it is the greatConservative mission… … that as our economy starts torecover… …we build a land of opportunityin our country today. Now, I know, it’ll be tough. But I know we’ve got what ittakes in this Party. Some people say “can’t be done” –Conservatives say “what’s to stop us?” They said we couldn’t getterrorists out of our own country. Well – Theresa knew otherwise... ...and that’s why Abu Qatada hadhis very own May Day this year... …didn’t it feel good seeing himget on that plane? Some people said the NHS wasn’tsafe in our hands. Well – we knew otherwise. Who protected spending on theNHS? Not Labour – us. Who started the Cancer DrugsFund? Not Labour – us. And by the way – who presidedover Mid Staffs… …patients left for so longwithout water, they were drinking out of dirty vases... ...people’s grandparents lyingfilthy and unwashed for days. Who allowed that to happen? Yes,it was Labour... ...and don’t you dare lectureanyone on the NHS again. And some people say a lot ofthings on Europe. You’ll never be able to veto anEU treaty. You’ll never cut the Budget. And if you did these things–you’d have no allies in Europe. Well we’ve proved them wrong. I vetoed that treaty… …I got Britain out of the EUbail-out scheme… …and yes – I cut that budget. And in doing all this, we haven’tlost respect – we’ve won allies to get powers back from Europe. That is what we will do... ...and at the end of it – yes –we will give the British people their say in a referendum. That is our pledge. It will beyour choice: in or out. BRITAIN IN THE WORLD And friends, you know whatsomeone said about us recently? Apparently some Russian officialsaid: Britain is “just a small island that no-one pays any attention to.” Really? Let me just get this off mychest. When the world wanted rights, whowrote Magna Carta? When they wanted representation,who built the first Parliament? When they looked for compassion,who led the abolition of slavery? When they searched for equality,who gave women the vote? When their freedom was in peril,who offered blood, toil, tears and sweat? And today – whose music do theydance to? Whose universities do they flockto? Whose football league do theywatch? Whose example of tolerance… …of people living together fromevery nation, every religion, young and old, straight and gay… …whose example do they aspire to? I haven’t even got on to the factthat this small island beat Russia in the Olympics last year… …or that the biggest-sellingvodka brand in the world isn’t Russian, it’s British – Smirnoff – made in Fife… ...so yes, we may be a smallisland… …but I tell you what, we’re agreat country. But I want to make a seriouspoint about our place in the world. 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20150604/249667.html
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