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It’s a New Year –and for Britain there can only be one New Year’s resolution—to stick to thelong-term plan that is turning our country around. When we came tooffice, our economy was on its knees. Three and a halfyears later, we are turning a corner. We see it in thebusinesses that are opening up, the people who are getting decent jobs, thefactories that are making British goods and selling them to the world again. The plan isworking. That’s why thisyear, 2014, we are not just going to stick to the plan – we are going toredouble our efforts to deliver every part of it, to benefit the whole countryand secure a better future for everyone. We’ll continuewith the vital work on the deficit. We’ve reduced itby a third already, and this year we will continue that difficult work, tosafeguard our economy for the long-term, to keep mortgage rates low and to helpfamilies across Britain. We’re going tokeep on doing everything possible to help hardworking people feel financiallysecure, cutting income taxes and freezing fuel duty. We’ll keep onworking even harder to create more jobs, whether that’s through investment inour roads and railways, lower jobs taxes, or more help for Britain’s amazingsmall businesses. Those who run oursmall businesses are heroes and heroines, they are the backbone of our economyand we are supporting them every step of the way. We are going tokeep on with our vital work on welfare and immigration too. We’ve alreadycapped welfare and cut immigration, and this year, we’ll carry on building aneconomy for people who work hard and play by the rules. And last but notleast – we’re going to keep on delivering the best schools and skills for ourchildren and young people, so that when they leave education they have a realchance to get on in life. So this is a vitalyear for our economy. And 2014 is alsoan important date in the history of the United Kingdom. The referendumvote will be the biggest decision Scotland has ever been asked to make. The outcomematters to all of us, wherever we live in the UK. This is not a votefor the next few years, but a vote that could change our country forever. Our family ofnations is at its best when we work together with shared interest and commonpurpose. So this year, letthe message go out from England, Wales and Northern Ireland to everyone inScotland. We want you to stay – and together we can build an even strongerUnited Kingdom for our children and grandchildren. So that’s what ourlong-term plan is about, and we will stick to that plan this year. To all the membersof our Party who are watching this, I want to thank you for everything you’vedone to help this past year—the doors you’ve knocked on, the leaflets you havedelivered, the campaigning you have done to support our Party. I’d like to wisheveryone a happy New Year – and best wishes for 2014. 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20150604/249666.html