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Hello,everyone. My name is ***(你的名字),I'm *(你的年纪) years old. I study in ***(你的学校名) Primary School. I'm in Grade*(你的年级) Class*(你的班级). I like football and English very much,and i often play football with my classmates after schoo. My English teacher is ***(你英语老师的名字),she/he(女的选she,男的选he) is very nice to us,I like her/him(女的选her,男的选him) a lot. There are three members in my family:my father,my mother and I. Both of parents love me and I love them too. That's all,thank you! hello !!! boys and grils my name is forest , i 12 old , my is girl. my family have a three people. my is youngest than other two and i is oldest of the tow. my father and my monther very love me,i love them too. i at my family very happily. i love my family very much, and you? i have a big eyes and a big mouth. i have a short between hair. i have a lot of hobbies ,for example : ilike play football , basketball , badminton , table tennis , i like draw a paintings, watercolours and landscapes,i like is it. and you? now, i in a six grade. i like chinese class very much, it very fun ,i love go chinese class. my best like p.e. it very happy. and you? my dream is to be a computer engineer when i grow up, because i very like playing computers. and you? i study very hard , i very like study. one day , is a summer holiday. i and my mother and my father together clambing mountian ,my father and my mother suddenly listenning:"oh!!! hlep me!! help me !!you say :"why???" i say to you :"because my suddenly lie down. " Hello!Good to know you. We are Edwina and Effie. We are 11 years old. We are from China. We are all the students of GuangChang Road YingCai School in Huangshi. We are good friends. We often play together. Sometimes, I like playing the piano,reading books. She likes playing computer games. Today we'd like to talk about cities of your country. Would you answer some questions? What's the name of your city? Is your city beautiful? What's thecapital of your country? Good bye and good luck ! Edwina and Effie. Good morning, dear teachers!It's my pleasure to introduce myself to you here. I'm Jacky,25 years old ,come from Xuzhou,a big city of jiangshu province. I graduated from Beijing university of post and telecommunications. After my graduation ,I worked in a telecom company for 3 year. then i quite my job ,prepared for postgraduation examination. My major is management ,but i like economics more,so i chose economics as my furcher study subject,and expect i can do a good job in this field. My hometown is in countryside. Indeed ,i had done a lot of hard work in farm. This experience shaped my character. i'm steady ,diligent and self-motivation. And i cherish any chance i get. If i am lucky enough to be enrolled into this university. i will concentrate on study and research. That is all i want to say. thank you for your attention. Hello everyone. My name is Happier1. I come from Guangxi. I'm very happy to come here to study with you. This class feels just like a big family to me. I'm interested in sport,pop music. I also enjoy playing games on net. I would love to play with you sometime. I hope I can become your friend soon and make our dreams come true together来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20150602/249163.html