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天生我材必有用 经典的励志英语视频短片

无论老天赋予你什么样的天赋,或者给让你经历什么样的苦难,都不要放弃做自己的机会,每一个人都是不一样的,相信自己。 My name is Olive. 我的名字是奥利弗 Due to a rare congenital condition,I have very small hands. 由于一种罕见的先天因素,我的两只手非常的小 As a youngster, I used anything to hide my hands from you. 青少年时期,在人前我总是把双手藏起来 Tenpin bowling was impossible. 打保龄球是不可能的 Piano lessons were utterly humiliating. 上钢琴课也非常的丢人 After a dance, a girl once like the experience to holding the paw of a weasel. 舞会后,女孩感觉是握着黄鼠狼的爪子 When I had decided to put an end to myself,my finger didn't reach the trigger. 就连当我决定结束自己生命的时候,我的手指都够不到扳机 So I prayed for a purposive life. 所以我祈祷能得到一个有意义的人生 Suddenly,I was overcome with an urge to sew. 突然之间,我禁不住想要缝东西 My stitches were so small and undetected. 我的针脚如此的小以至于察觉不到 They will go unnoticed to the untrained. 以至于人们都看不到瑕疵 Soon ,my new-found became famous across the land. 不久我的这项新技能就让我家喻户晓了 Girls liked me. 女孩们开始喜欢我了 And it wasn't long before the makers of the world's finest clothes offered me a position in their workshop. 不久之后世界上最顶级的裁缝们也在他们的工作室里为我留了一个位子 I’ve been hired here for ten years this August. 到今年八月份,我已经被这个工作室雇佣十年了 Here I'm not treated as a freak,but as a hero. 在这里,我不是被当成一个怪物,而是一个英雄 And no longer do I feel cursed,I feel blessed. 我也不再觉得自己是被诅咒的,相反,我觉得我是被神祝福的 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20150530/248431.html