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偶像励志英语演讲 第119期:直面恐惧

So actually there is a Big Brother. But he's not a malevolent fiction, he's actually all of us and he lives in our search engines. So no matter how many times I do the calculations, I come up with a social job, the positives bounce the negatives, the axis equal the wise, and our hopes weigh as much as our fears, but I hesitated on that last one because fear, good lord, fear is a powerful physiological force in 2011. We here, up in the stands and surrounding your graduation class, look to you as we do every year, hoping you will now somehow, through your labors, free us from what we have come to fear, and we have come to fear many things. Fear has become the commodity that sells as certainly as sex. Fear is cheap. Fear is easy. Fear gets attention. Fear is spread as fast as gossip and is just as glamorous, juicy and profitable. Fear twists facts into fictions that become indistinguishable from ignorance. Fear is a profit-churning go-to with a whole market--being your whole family. You're sitting in the house, one day, watching a game on TV not long ago along came a preamble for the local nightly news, "Are our schools poisoning our children?" That story in summer is hot bikinis at night eleven. In that I had school-age kids, at the time I feared, they were, in fact, being poisoned at school, and summer was a few weeks away. So, I turned in to get to school. 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20150518/245260.html