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偶像励志英语演讲 第116期:直面恐惧

On spring days like today, it is traditional for us to ponder the steer of the world all you are to help to make it a better place which implies things are somehow worse today, then we're up here where you are sitting right now. I'm not so sure the plan of the earth, it was shape, was thirty, no eighteen, no four years ago. That's not to say some better shape either. Refraining from waxing, steering engine, comparing ours then to yours now, avoiding any talk of you kids these days, with your rap, your hip-hop, your snoopy dog, daddies with daddy pops, with your feety sects, sending your quarter sense. A sober look shows that just as the world has gotten to be a better place after all, it has also grown a bit worse, at the exact same rate. One step up, one step back to the cosmic balance between forward progress and cultural trade, it puts mankind on a belt curve as an existence. It shows small segments of joy, ease, and comfort on equal proportion struggle on with little hope, when the fortune remains, the either on the rise, on the winning, on this confounding tight so many damn things we grow oblivious to the shifts in the quality of our lives. Graduation day is a proper occasion to put a toe in the global waters, and I think the mercury shows that things are much as they always have been. 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20150516/244801.html