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偶像励志英语演讲 第115期:直面恐惧

OK... Then... OK... take this speech and set it to music. Maybe inserts some crazy, kooky graphic. Star in that video yourself, post it on the web, and if it becomes a viral sensation, you'll be equal to any cat playing with a paper bag, any set of twin toodlers talking gibberish to each other, as popular as a cute girl who says about Fridays, hey, you could be the next Sam Tsui. Such are just one of the possibilities in our brave new world, the world you now inherit whether you like it or not. The jig is up, the clock has run out and the Future, with a capital F, now rests with all of you, in your goofy hats, and all because you went to Yale. You are now the anointed! The Charge Holders! The best and brightest! Each of you is shining hope for our nation in the world. You are the new wizards who can finally make sense of all the deltavectors and square-roots and divided-bys and the theorem that we call the human race. The generations before you came with to count a job-now it's your turn, welcome! You know I once had a friend who had a rich uncle who promised to pay for his college as long as my friend wished to stay in school, "You should stay in school just as long as you can," the rich uncle said, "because when you get out of college, you've gotta work everyday for the rest of your life." And you all will come to understand what that rich uncle meant, just as surely as you someday wonder where the hell you put your reading glasses, and to yell on your kids to turn that damn music down. 注:Sam Tsui,徐山姆,耶鲁亚裔学生,在2011年利用分镜软件,拍摄自己和五个分身合唱迈克尔·杰克逊歌曲的短片,因而大受欢迎。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20150516/244800.html