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[00:00.00]May we not cherish this sentiment without presumption when we refect on the characters by which this war is distinguished? [00:03.91]难道只有在怀疑使得这场战争非同寻常的因素时,我们才能骄傲地将这份情感珍藏吗? [00:07.81]It was not declared on the part of the United States until it had been long made on them,in reality though not in name; [00:11.18]美国一直没有宣战,直到出现了以下情况——直到这场加于美国的战争在实际上,尽管不是在名义上已进行了很久; [00:14.54]until arguments and postulations had been exhausted; [00:16.36]直到再也没有争辩和规劝的余地; [00:18.18]until a positive declaration had been received that the wrongs provoking it would not be discontinued; [00:21.26]直到美国被明确地告知,无理挑衅不会中止; [00:24.34]nor until this last appeal could no longer be delayed without breaking down the spirit of the nation, [00:27.18]直到这最后的呼吁不可再施延,不然国家的精神就要崩溃, [00:30.02]destroying all confidence in itself and in its political institutions, [00:32.45]国家和政府机构的信心就要丧失, [00:34.88]and either perpetuating a state of disgraceful suffering or regaining by more costly saCRIfices, [00:37.93]那样,就得永远忍受屈辱,或者付出更高昂的代价和经过更严酷的斗争, [00:40.97]and more severe struggles our lost rank and respect among independent powers. [00:43.76]才能恢复我国作为独立国家的地位和尊严。 [00:46.55]On the issue of the war are staked our national sovereignty on the high seas and the security of an important class of citizens, [00:50.29]战争问题关系到我国在公海上的主权,关系到一个重要的公民阶层的安全, [00:54.04]whose occupations give the proper value to those of every other class, [00:56.41]而这个阶层所从事的职业,对于其他公民阶层具有重要的价值。 [00:58.79]Not to contend for such a stake is to surrender our equality with other powers on the element common to all, [01:02.08]如果不为此而斗争,就是放弃我国在公海上与其他国家的同等地位, [01:05.38]and to violate the sacred title which every member of the society has to its protection, [01:07.99]就是侵犯每一个社会成员所拥有的、保护自己的神圣权利。 [01:10.60]I need not call into view the unlawfulness of the practice by which our mariners are forced at the will of every cruising officer from their own vessels into foreign ones, [01:15.24]我不必强调指出,巡航官对我国水手为所欲为,迫使他们离开自己的船只而登上异国船只的不法行径, [01:19.88]nor paint the outrages inseparable from it. [01:21.67]也不必渲染其中免不了的暴行。 [01:23.45]The proofs are in the records of each successive Administration of our Government, [01:25.45]我国历届政府的记录中都存有证据, [01:27.44]and the cruel sufferings of that portion of the American people have found their way to every bosom not dead to the sympathies of human nature. [01:31.21]凡是同情心尚未泯灭的人们,都会在心中记住这部分美国人所蒙受的苦难。 [01:34.97]As the war was just in its origin and necessary and noble in its objects, [01:37.36]由于这场战争从根本上说是正义的,从目标上说是必要的和高尚的, [01:39.76]we can reflect with a proud satisfaction that in carrying it on no principle of justice or honor, [01:43.03]所以,我们可以自豪而满意地表明,把这场战争继续下去, [01:46.31]no usage of civilized nations,no precept of courtesy or humanity,have been infringed. [01:49.87]并没有侵犯公正或道义原则,并没有违背文明国家的惯例,也没有触犯礼仪或人道法则。 [01:53.44]The war has been waged on our part with scrupulous regard to all these obligations,and in a spirit of liberality which was never surpassed. [01:57.90]我们是以严格尊重所有上述义务的态度,和空前高昂的自由精神来进行这场战争的。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20150410/235418.html