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[00:00.00]I should be destitute of feeling if I was not deeply affected by the strong proof which my fellow_citizens have given me of the their confidence in calling me to the high office whose functions I am about to assume. [00:05.98]同胞们满怀信心地召唤我出任这一重要职务,令我十分感动,不然我就是一个缺乏感情的人。 [00:11.95]As the expression of their good opinion of my conduct in the public service, [00:13.95]这表明同胞们甚为嘉许我的公职行为,我对此感到心满意足,而唯有竭尽全力做了值得夸奖的工作的人,才能有这种感受。 [00:15.95]I derive from it a gratification which those who are conscious of having done all that they could to merit it can alone feel. [00:19.66]我能正确估计到这一职务的重要性以及承担这一义务的性质和范围, [00:23.36]My sensibility is increased by a just estimate of the importance of the trust and of the nature and extent of its duties, [00:26.87]密切相连的义务感受也随之而增加。 [00:30.38]with the proper discharge of which the highest interests of a great and free people are intimately connected. [00:33.46]所以我对于正确地履行同我们这一伟大自由民族的崇高利益, [00:36.54]Conscious of my own deficiency,I cannot enter on these duties without great anxiety for the result. [00:39.55]由于意识到自己的不足,所以在开始履行这些义务时,我无法不对将来的结果表示极大的忧虑。 [00:42.55]From a just responsibility I will never shrink, [00:44.05]对应尽的责任我决不会裹足不前。 [00:45.54]calcuating with confidence that in my best efforts to promote the public welfare my motives will always be duly appreciated, [00:49.25]我颇负信心地认为,只要我尽力促进公共福利,人们就始终会恰当地评价我的动机, [00:52.96]and my conduct be viewed with that candor and indulgence which I have experienced in other stations. [00:56.00]而且会以公正和爱护的眼光来看待我的行为,就像我在其他职位上已经经历过的那样。 [00:59.04]From the commencement of our Revolution to the present day almost forty years have elapsed, [01:01.42]从独立革命至今几乎已过去40个春秋, [01:03.79]and from the establishment of this Constitution twenty_eight. [01:05.68]而宪法的制定也已有28载。 [01:07.57]Through this whole term the Government has been what may emphatically be called self_government. [01:10.18]在此其间,我们的政府一直被强调为自治政府。 [01:12.79]And what has been the effect? [01:13.71]其结果如何呢? [01:14.63]To whatever object we turn our attention,whether it relates to our foreign or domestic concerns, [01:17.29]无论我们将目光转向何处,不论是国外问题还是国内问题, [01:19.96]we find abundant cause to felicitate ourselves in the excellence of our institutions. [01:22.75]我们都有足够的理由庆幸我们拥有优越的制度。 [01:25.54]During a period fraught with difficulties and marked by very extraordinary events the United States have flourished beyond example. [01:29.44]在充满艰辛和非凡事件的岁月里,我们的合众国还是取得了空前的繁荣, [01:33.35]Their citizens individually have been happy and the nation prosperous. [01:35.78]公民们个个幸福欢乐,国家昌盛发达。 [01:38.21]To secure us against these dangers our coast and inland frontiers should be fortified, [01:40.26]为了保障我们免受伤害,我们的海上和陆地防御都应得到加强, [01:42.31]our Army and Navy,regulated upon just principles as to the force of each, [01:44.60]在正义原则指导下的海陆军, [01:46.88]be kept in perfect order,and our militia be placed on the best practicable footing. [01:49.93]应保持最佳状态,国民自卫队也应保持高度戒备。 [01:52.97]To put our extensive coast in such a state of defense as to secure our cities and interior from invasion coast in such a state of defense as to secure our cities and interior from invasion will be attended with expense, [01:57.18]为了使我们的城市和内陆不受侵略,而将广阔的沿海地区处于防御状态将耗资巨大, [02:01.39]but the work when finished will be permanent,and it is fair to presume that a single campaign of invasion by a naval force superior to our own, [02:05.28]此项工程一旦完成,其功效将是长久的,但可以设想, [02:09.17]aided by a few thousand land troops,would expose us to greater expense, [02:11.69]由几千陆军配合的一次小小的先发制人的海上侵略将使我们遭受比修建这次工程还要大得多的损失, [02:14.21]without taking into the estimate the loss of property and distress of our citizens,than would be sufficient for this great work. [02:17.92]这还不包括财产损失和人民志气的衰退。 [02:21.62]Our land and naval forces should be moderate, [02:23.15]我们应保持陆海军的适度规模, [02:24.68]but adequate to the necessary purposes_the former to garrison and preserve our fortifications and to meet the first invasions of a foreign, [02:29.06]但又必须有足够的驻军保卫国界,防御外敌突袭: [02:33.43]and ,while constituting the elements of a greater force, [02:35.36]组成强大军事力量的同时, [02:37.28]to preserve the science as well as all the necessary implements of war in a state to be brought into activity in the event of war; [02:41.14]保护科学和所有必要的一旦发生战争即投入使用的战争工具, [02:44.99]the latter,retained within the limits proper in a state of peace, [02:46.95]后者,在和平时期保持适度, [02:48.91]might aid in maintaining the neutrality of the United States with dignity in the wars of other powers and in saving the property of their citizens from spoliation. [02:53.29]而在其它权利的较量中可维护美国的中立和尊严,捍卫公民财产不受侵犯, [02:57.66]In time of war,with the enlargement of which the great naval resources of the country render it susceptible, [03:00.49]战争期间,增大海军规模使它受影响, [03:03.31]and which should be duly fostered in time of peace,it would contribute essentially, [03:05.96]和平时期它需被充分补偿, [03:08.60]both as an auxiliary of defense and as a powerful engine of annoyance, [03:10.93]作为防卫辅助手段和强大的烦扰机器, [03:13.25]to diminish the calamities of war and to bring the war to a speedy and honorable termination. [03:16.13]它能减少战争灾难,并给战争带来快速而崇高的终止。 [03:19.01]But it ought always to be held prominently in view that the safety of these States, [03:21.15]但是也必须着重指出,对自由民族而言,这些州的安全, [03:23.29]and of everything dear to a free people must depend in an eminent degree on the militia. [03:26.08]及一切美好事物的安全在相当程度上依赖于国民自卫队, [03:28.87]Invasions may be made too formidable to be resisted by any land, [03:30.83]与我们政府的原则或美国环境保持一臻的, [03:32.80]and naval force which it would comport either with the principles of our Government or the circumstances of the United States to maintain. [03:36.68]海陆军也许很难防御势不可挡的入侵, [03:40.57]In such cases recourse must be had to the great body of the people, [03:42.89]在这种情况下,符合大多数人民利益的一切条件, [03:45.22]and in a manner to produce the best effect. [03:46.64]都应得到充分利用, [03:48.06]It is of the highest importance,therefore,that they be so organized and trained as to be prepared for any emergency. [03:51.80]因而组织和训练一支军队应付突发事件至为重要, [03:55.55]The arrangement should be such as to to put at the command of the Government the ardent patriotism and youthful vigor of the country. [03:59.15]应将热情的爱国者和热血青年置于政府的管理之下, [04:02.75]If formed on equal and just principles,it can not be oppressive. [04:04.84]建立在平等与正义原则上的军队将会是正义之师,危机造就压力。 [04:06.92]It is the CRIsis which makes the pressure,and not the laws which provide a remedy for it. [04:09.77]而法律并不是为此种危机提供一个解决方案。 [04:12.61]This arrangement should be formed,too,in time of peace,to be the better prepared for war. [04:15.62]在和平时间,作出这种安排以更好地备战, [04:18.62]With such an organization of such a people the United States have nothing to dread from foreign invasion. [04:21.72]有这样一个民族,有这样一支军队,美国无惧于外敌入侵, [04:24.82]At its approach an overwhelming force of gallant men might always be put in motion. [04:27.61]战无不胜的勇士们整装待发。 [04:30.40]In the Administrations of the illustrious men who have preceded me in this high station, [04:32.66]在我之前,已有几位杰出人物担任过这一崇高的职务, [04:34.93]with some of whom I have been connected by the closest ties from early life, [04:37.16]而且我与其中一些人很早就结成了最紧密的联系。 [04:39.40]examples are presented which will always be found highly instructive and useful to their successors. [04:42.46]他们所提供的典范执政,将永远使后继者获得高度的教育。 [04:45.52]From these I shall endeavor to derive all the advantages which they may afford.Of my immediate predecessor,under whom so important a portion of this great and successful experiment has been made, [04:52.09]从这些典范中,我将尽力获取所有的长处。至于我的前任总统,由于他所进行的工作已经成为我们巨大而成功的试验的极为重要的一部分, [04:58.66]I shall be pardoned for expressing my earnest wishes that he may long enjoy in his retirement the affections of a grateful country, [05:02.54]大家必然会体谅我要向他表示热烈的祝愿:愿他在退休后能永享国家对他的感激之情,这种感情是对他的杰出才能, [05:06.43]the best reward of exalted talents and the most faithful and meritorious service. [05:09.22]和最为忠诚而卓越的服务的最好报答。 [05:12.01]Relying on the aid to be derived from the other departments of the Government, [05:13.83]依靠政府其他各部门的帮助, [05:15.65]I enter on the trust to which I have been called by the suffrages of my fellow_citizens with my fervent prayers to the Almighty, [05:19.01]我开始担任同胞们通过选举而交给我的职务。我虔诚地向全能的上帝祈祷, [05:22.38]that He will be graciously pleased to continue to us that protection which He has already so conspicuously displayed in our favor. [05:26.99]他已经如此明显地展示了对我们的护佑,愿他继续仁慈地护佑我们。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20150406/234442.html