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[00:00.00]Fellow-Citizens: [00:00.76]同胞们: [00:01.51]I appear before you this day to take the solemn oath"that I will faithfully execute the office of President of the United States, [00:05.53]我今天在你们面前庄严宣誓:“我将忠诚地执行美国总统的职务, [00:09.54]and will to the best of my ability preserve,protect, [00:11.50]并将尽我所能来维持, [00:13.46]and defend the Constitution of the United States." [00:15.39]捍卫和守护美国的宪法。” [00:17.32]In entering upon this great office I must humbly invoke the God of our fathers for wisdom, [00:20.50]在担任这一伟大职务时我谦恭地祈求我们先驱上帝给予我智慧, [00:23.69]and firmness to execute its high and responsible duties in such a manner as to restore harmony, [00:27.11]支持以助我执行这高尚的责任,在各州的人民中重建和谐, [00:30.53]and ancient friendship among the people of the several States and to preserve our free institution throughout many generations. [00:34.65]和古老的友谊并千秋万代维护我们的自由组织。 [00:38.77]Convinced that I owe my election to the inherent love for the Constitution and the Union which still animates the hearts of the American people, [00:42.84]深信我的当选应归功于热爱宪法和仍扣动美国人民心弦的联邦。 [00:46.91]let me earnestly ask their powerful support in sustaining all just measures calculated to perpetuate these,the richest political blessings which Heaven has ever bestowed upon any nation. [00:53.17]让我诚恳地请求他们强有力的支持来维护所有正当的旨在使上天给予我们祖国的丰富政治祝福得以永远的措施。 [00:59.44]Having determined not to become a candidate for reelection, [01:01.07]我已决定不再竞选连任, [01:02.71]I shall have no motive to influence my conduct in administering the Government except the desire ably, [01:05.84]我在除了要有效和无任何能影响我执行的动机。 [01:08.98]and faithfully to serve my country and to live in grateful memory of my countrymen. [01:11.50]忠心地服务我的祖国并在同胞中留下美好记忆。 [01:14.02]The whole Territorial question being thus settled upon the principle of popular sovereignty___, [01:16.39]整个领土问题在公众主权的原则下得以解决—— [01:18.77]a principle as ancient as free government itself__everything of a practical nature has been decided. [01:22.10]一个和政府一样古老的原则——任何实际意义的事件都被解决了。 [01:25.43]No other question remains for adjustment,because all agree that under the Constitution slavery in the States in beyond the reach of any human power, [01:29.59]没有其它问题等待修正,因为人们都认同在宪法下各州的奴隶制问题非任何人民力量所可及, [01:33.74]except that of the respective States themselves wherein it exists. [01:36.26]除非由各州自身解决。 [01:38.78]May we not,then,hope that the long agitation on this subject is approaching its end, [01:41.68]于是我们不可希望这长期骚动的问题正在终结, [01:44.58]and that the geographical parties to which it has given birth, [01:46.31]地理上的分裂会很快消除。 [01:48.04]so much dreaded by the Father of his Country,will speedily become extinct? [01:50.79]也不可希望由它所造成的,会使我们的先父很痛恨的。 [01:53.54]Most happy will it be for the country when the public mind shall be diverted from this question to other of more pressing and practical importance. [01:57.76]最可幸的是公众意识会从这一问题转向其它更紧要更现实的问题上。 [02:01.97]Throughout the whole progress of this agitation, [02:03.46]在整个过程中, [02:04.96]which has scarcely know any intermission for more than twenty years. [02:06.83]这场二十多年内罕有间断的骚动的, [02:08.70]whilst it has been productive of no positive good to any human being it has been the prolific source of great evils to the master, [02:12.50]它对任何人没有产生任何善果,它却成了对主人、 [02:16.30]to the slave,and to the whole country. [02:17.79]奴仆和整个国家造成万恶的源泉。 [02:19.28]It has alienated and estranged the people of the sister States from each other, [02:21.43]它把兄弟州相互分离隔开, [02:23.57]and has even seriously endangered the very existence of the Union. [02:25.67]甚至严重危及联邦的生存。 [02:27.78]Nor has the danger yet entirely ceased. [02:29.36]这危险至今尚未完全停止。 [02:30.95]Under our system there is a remedy for all mere political evils in the sound sense and sober judgment of the people. [02:34.40]在我们的体制下,人民的坚实理智和清醒判断会造成对所有政治邪恶的拯救。 [02:37.86]Time is a great corrective. [02:39.12]时间是最好的纠正。 [02:40.38]Political subjects which but a few years ago excited and exasperated the public mind have passed away and are now nearly forgotten. [02:44.68]几年前还激动并恼怒公众意识的政治问题已经逝去,并被忘记。 [02:48.98]But this question of domestic slavery is of far graver importance than any mere political question, [02:51.97]但这一国内奴隶制的问题比一个仅仅政治上的问题更为重要。 [02:54.96]because should the agitation continue it may eventually endanger the personal safety of a large portion of our countrymen where the institution exists. [02:59.50]因为如果这场骚动继续下去,它可能会最终危及此体制所存在之处的我们同胞中一大部分的人身安全。 [03:04.03]In that event no form of government,however admirable in itself and however productive of material benefits, [03:07.63]如果那样,不管是如何值得赞赏,如何生产出巨大物质财富的政府形式都, [03:11.23]can compensate for the loss of peace and domestic security around the family altar. [03:14.27]无法补偿和平和家庭安全的丧失。 [03:17.32]Let every Union_loving man,therefore,exert his best influence to suppress this agitation, [03:20.39]那么让每一个热爱联邦的人施展其最大影响来压制这场骚动。 [03:23.47]which since the recent legislation of Congress is without any legitimate object. [03:26.17]自从最近的国会立法,它已无任何合法的目标。 [03:28.87]No nation in the tide of time has ever been blessed with so rich and noble an inheritance as we enjoy in the pubilc lands. [03:32.53]没有民族在时代潮流中能象我们享受公共土地那样受到如此丰富高遗的遗产。 [03:36.18]In administering this important trust, [03:37.39]在管理这一重大委任中, [03:38.59]whilst it may be wise to grant portions of them for the improvement of the remainder, [03:41.02]为了改善剩余土地而赠出其中部分也许是明智的, [03:43.45]yet we should never forget that it is our cardinal policy to reserve these lands, [03:45.68]但我们不可忘记我们的最高政府是尽可能地把这些土地, [03:47.92]as much as may be,for actual settlers,and this at moderate prices. [03:50.81]保留给真正的定居者,而且是以低廉的价格。 [03:53.71]We shall thus not only best promote the prosperity of the new States and Territories, [03:56.09]我们应该如此,不仅极力促进新的州和领土的繁荣, [03:58.46]by furnishing them a hardy and independent race of honest and industrious citizens, [04:01.16]通过为它们提供弹悍自立而忠诚勤劳的人民, [04:03.86]but shall secure homes for our children and our children's children, [04:05.86]也应为我们的子孙后代, [04:07.86]as well as for those exiles from foreign shores who may seek in this country to improve their condition and to enjoy the blessings of civil and religious liberty. [04:12.72]和从外国海岸来到这个国家寻求改善生活和享受政治和宗教自由的人们保证一个美好家园。 [04:17.58]They have proved faithful both in peace and in war. [04:17.08]他们不论在和平还是战争年代来都很忠诚。 [04:16.58]After becoming citizens they are entitled,under the Constitution and laws, [04:16.08]在成为公民后他们将在宪法和法规下, [04:15.58]to be placed on a perfect equality with native_born citizens, [04:15.08]获得同本土出生的公民完全平等的权利, [04:14.58]and in this character they should ever be kindly recognized. [04:14.08]而以此特性他们的地位将被友善地认可。 [04:13.58]It is our glory that whilst other nations have extended their dominions by the sword we have never acquired any territory except by fait purchase or, [04:13.08]当别国通过刀剑来扩大范围时,我们只通过公共的购买或者, [04:12.58]as in the case of Texas,by the voluntary determination of a brave,kindred, [04:12.08]如得克萨斯州,通过一个勇敢的、有亲情的, [04:11.58]and independent people to blend their destinies with our won. [04:11.08]独立的民族自愿和我们国家的联合的意愿来获得土地,这是我们的光荣。 [04:10.58]Even our acquisitions from Mexico form no exception. [04:10.08]即使是我们从墨西哥所得到的也不例外。 [04:09.58]Unwilling to take advantage of the fortune of war against a sister republic, [04:09.08]不愿对一个兄弟共和国发动战争来取得利益。 [04:08.58]we purchased these possessions under the treaty of peace for a sum which was considered at the time a fair equivalent. [04:08.08]我们在和平条约下以当时认为是等值的数目来购买这些土地。 [04:07.58]Our past history forbids that we shall in the future acquire territory unless this be sanctioned by the laws of justice and honor. [04:07.08]我们过去的历史禁止我们在未来获取土地,除非是在公正高尚的法律允许的情况下。 [04:06.58]Acting on this principle,no nation will have a right to interfere or to complain if in the progress of events we shall still further extend our possessions. [04:06.08]以此原则行动,没有民族能有权力来干涉或报怨我们在将来随着情况的发展,进一步扩大我们的领地。 [04:05.58]Hitherto in all our acquisitions the people,under the protection of the American flag, [04:05.08]至今为止在我们所有得到的土地上,人们在美国旗帜的保护下, [04:04.58]have enjoyed civil and religious liberty,as well as equal and just laws, [04:04.08]享受着政治和宗教的自由。 [04:03.58]and have been contented,prosperous,and happy. [04:03.08]以及平等公正的法律:他们也很满意,富裕和幸福。 [04:02.58]Their trade with the rest of the world has repidly increased, [04:02.08]他们同世界各地的贸易也迅速增长。 [04:01.58]and thus every commercial nation has shared largely in their successful progress. [04:01.08]于是每一个商贸国家都能分享到他们的成功发展。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20150404/233952.html