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乔布斯辞职前最后一次公开演讲 第07期

Thank you, council member Chang. Council member Wang, you have a very quick question right? Yeah, very quick question. Steve, can you give us estimate timeline on when you plan to submit the plan and when you're gonna do the ground breaking and when we can see the raw building. Yeah, well, I ask that question a lot of our people too. We wanna submit plans fairly quickly.We wanna break ground next year and we wanna move in 2015. 2014?Okay, alright, very good. Thank you so so much and we're really honored to have you to be here. I know it's not easy to get you here. And I think that your technology is really making everybody proud and you're putting Cupertino in together with Apple. Now, we're really proud of it. 2015? Well, thanks. We're proud to be in Cupertino too. Thank you, council member Wang. I think she stole my question to ask you when did you break grounds so she can start collecting those. Next year, sales tax dollars from you. Exactly, exactly, exactly, but you know, when Chris and I met Mr. Jobs, you know, I found a little bit more about him is that actually he's a hometown boy graduated from Cupertino Middle school where my daughter is going, Homestead High School. So, Mr Jobs is very well familiar with the City of Cuperino. So, we're very fortunate that you founded here in Cuperino. You started to expand here in Cupertino. There're many choices across the country and I'm sure that many governors and many mayors said please come to us, but you decided to stay here and I think it's because Cupertino is such and innovative place, a diverse place, and education-wise that we have such wonderful schools here some other students on how they got awarded in our school that are doing so well. One thing that I wanna ask you is to keep in mind is giving back to the community and one thing that we would love to do. I'm sure that our staff will talk about is that we don't like going to Valley or Los Gatos for an Apple store. We would love to have an Apple store here Cupertino. And I can assure you, I even have, you know, my iPad 2 here, which I love, you know, so cooperate with me, but you know, it's a wonderful technology and my 11-year-old girl just loves this iPad2. Good. Yeah. The problem with putting an Apple store in Cupertino is just isn't the traffic. So I'm afraid it might not be successful. If we thought it would be successful, we'd love to. We'll help you make it successful. Again, thank you very much for coming with me. I'm sure that you guys are very lucky to hear this very historical moment that, you know, you hear about 5 years ago, was it Chris? That you made the announcement you bought the 55 acres then you bought another 100 acres from HP. And Apple is truly the technology of innovation and our city staff and city council looks very forward to working with you and helping you succeed here in our community. Thank you very much. Let's give a big round of applause for Mr. Steve Jobs. Thank you. 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20150317/229436.html